Kluwer International Tax Law

Content Modules

Kluwer International Tax Law consists of several modules, each providing deep domain knowledge on cross-border Tax topics

Each module can be subscribed to individually or all together as a complete package

Expert Tax Treaty Analysis

Comprises the gold standard on the law of tax treaties with practical answers and expert commentary on all areas of double taxation:

  • Klaus Vogel on Double Taxation Conventions
  • Schwarz on Tax Treaties
  • OECD, UN and US Model Treaties and Commentaries
  • Double Tax Treaty Widget (DTT) providing quick access to double tax treaties from the homepage


PE+ is a total support solution for the international tax professional who needs to research permanent establishments.

PE+ comprises of:

  • Peer designed intuitive user-interface making it easy to compare PE documents in line with your natural work-flow
  • Country by Country comparison of domestic PE regulations
  • Tax treaties, model conventions, tax cases and journal articles

BEPS & Transfer Pricing

  • Compare and contrast key legal, tax and compliance aspects of BEPS & transfer pricing in major jurisdictions around the world
  • Optimize decision-making, with help of transfer pricing examples from a real-world setting
  • Implement a coordinated, cost-effective, global transfer pricing strategy

Intertax/EC Tax

Our top international tax journals, such as Intertax and EC Tax Review, provide readers with up-to-date ground-breaking research and analysis on international, regional and comparative taxation, from both legal and economic angles.


The VAT topical package provides in-depth explanatory material, along with timesaving workflow tools and how-to guides. You’ll find authoritative answers and practical applications.

The detailed analysis has an EU focus, but includes global coverage of significant VAT developments and news.

This service will help you:

  • Proactively manage VAT in a way that will enhance the significant cash and margin benefits that VAT, as a transaction-based tax, can bring
  • Distil the problem-solving process by anticipating challenges and providing reliable guidance
  • Get quick access to enterprise-friendly VAT compliance solutions, field-tested by highly regarded international tax experts

Kluwer International Tax Law Complete

Expert Tax Treaty Analysis, PE+, BEPS & Transfer Pricing, Intertax/EC Tax, VAT, Tax Planning and Trusts, Real Estate Investment Trusts, Expatriation, Tax and Financial Accounting

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