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Contractual Performance and COVID-19

An In-Depth Comparative Law Analysis

The global outbreak of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 has had, and continues to have, a devastating impact on human health and life around the globe. It has had an equally far-reaching impact on contractual relations worldwide. The outbreak of COVID-19 has forced governments and companies alike to take unprecedented measures to slow down the spread of the pandemic and to protect health and safety.

This publication:

  • provides an in-depth comparative legal analysis of key civil and common law jurisdictions;
  • examines whether and under what circumstances COVID-19-related impediments may excuse contractual performance or lead to modification or termination;
  • addresses a wide variety of legal concepts, such as impossibility, impracticability, frustration of purpose force majeure, hardship or impr√©vision, or clausula rebus sic stantibus;
  • will be updated over the coming months with additional developments and key jurisdictions.




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