Releases September 2019

By Janet Dine, Martin Gelter, Mariangela Iannaccone, Stephan Madaus, Natalie Videbaek Munkholm, Florian Möslein, Pasquale Pistone, Carsten Schirrmacher, Björn Schneider, Konstantinos Sergakis, Christoph Teichmann, Christoph Van der Elst, Lécia Vicente, Michelle Welsh, Anna Rosa Adiutori, Helen Anderson, Alessio Bartolacelli, Diederik Bruloot, Blanaid Clarke, Louis De Meulemeester.

There is no other book on the market focusing on abuse of companies and giving such a comprehensive analysis of the topic. Practitioners will get guidelines on how to avoid becoming involved in activities that may constitute abuse and how to address instances where abuse has occurred. Interested academics, legislators, and enforcement authorities in Europe and beyond will find this book’s perspectives invaluable.

ISBN 9789403508924

September 2019, hardcover, 424 pages

Price € 141 – £ 124 – $ 166

As an indispensable guide providing a unique, broad and diverse insight into the past, current and future developments in European digital competition law, this matchless volume is a must-read for any practitioner or academic who encounters competition law related to digital markets. The dilemmas and challenges of the new competition law reality – which is here already, like it or not – are clearly explained for the benefit of regulators, academics, policymakers, judges, in-house counsel and lawyers specialising or having an interest in competition law.

ISBN 9789403516943

September 2019, hardcover, 184 pages

Price € 120 – £ 98 – $ 132

A more balanced design of child-related leave is a must in today’s society for reasons of fairness and also for economic considerations. This complete analysis of EU legislation and case law about child-related leave – including the first-ever systematic and in-depth analysis on whether maternity leave can be considered discriminatory against fathers and a review of economic literature on how child-related leave affects the situation of women in the labour market – offers forward-looking solutions for child-related leave to enhance gender equality. Practitioners and non-governmental organisations dealing with EU and national matters related to labour and employment law, social security law and gender equality law will welcome this important book, as will academics and policymakers interested in maternity and other child-related leaves.

ISBN 9789403514529

September 2019, hardcover, 360 pages

Price € 127 – £ 104 – $ 140

By András Kisfaludi, Attila Menyhárd, Marianna Nagy, István Simon, Márton Sulyok, Tamás Sulyok, Orsolya Szeibert, Zsolt Szomora, István Varga, Lajos Vékás, Zoltán Csehi, Gergely Deli, Árpád Erdei, Gábor Faludi, Ádám Fuglinszky, Krisztina Karsai, László Kecskés, György Kiss

Hungary’s historical connection to the European legal tradition has enabled the country’s legal system to overcome the legal gap caused by political developments after the Second World War. This practical book, far from a simple second edition of the volume published more than ten years ago, details the full-fledged legal system that has been established prior to and since Hungary became a member of the European Union in 2004.

ISBN 9789403506043

September 2019, hardcover, 448 pages

Price € 208 – £ 184 – $ 245

As Industrial Internet technologies are already being used in several businesses, it is of paramount importance for the global economy that legal, business and policy-related challenges are promptly analysed and discussed. This crucially important book not only reveals the legal and policy-related issues that we soon will have to deal with but also facilitates the creation of legislation and policies that promote Industrial-Internet-related technologies and new business opportunities. It will be of interest for a variety of audiences spanning from practitioners, patent and other IPR attorneys, innovation economists, companies, engineers operating in the Industrial Internet ecosystem, competition authorities and other policymakers.

ISBN 9789403517704

September 2019, hardcover, 512 pages

Price € 178 – £ 158 – $ 210

Given the inordinate importance of the definition of ‘resident’, the differences in interpretation to which the current definition gives rise and the economic developments that call for an evaluation of the provision, this thorough examination of the treaty rules on residence of entities will be welcomed by tax lawyers, corporate counsel and policymakers and academics concerned with tax law. The author’s guidance on the concept of residence for tax purposes and his original proposals for reform will prove to be of great practical value for tax practitioners.

ISBN 9789403513010

September 2019, hardcover, 376 pages

Price € 131 – £ 108 – $ 145

More new titles

  • Civil Procedure in the European Union, 2nd edition
    By Paolo Biavati, Carlo Rasia
    ISBN: 9789403513218, softcover, 224 pages
    €76 – £67 – $90

  • Competition Law in Lithuania, 3rd edition
    By Jaunius Gumbis, Marius Juonys, Simona Liuimienė, Karolis Kačerauskas, Ilona Jančiauskaitė
    ISBN: 9789403516318, softcover, 182 pages
    €68 – £60 – $80

  • Competition Law in the United States, 4th edition
    By Howard Langer, Sin Chit Lai
    ISBN: 9789403516417, softcover, 200 pages
    €76 – £67 – $90

  • Environmental law in Malaysia, 4th edition
    By Maizatun Mustafa
    ISBN: 9789403513409, softcover, 318 pages
    €96 – £85 – $113

  • Family and Succession Law in South Africa, 3rd edition
    By Jacqueline Heaton, Anneliese Roos
    ISBN: 9789403516615, softcover, 272 pages
    €85 – £75 – $100

  • Labour and Employment Compliance in Belgium, 4th edition
    By Chris Van Olmen
    ISBN: 9789403515144, softcover, 138 pages
    €60 – £53 – $71

  • Labour and Employment Compliance in England, 7th edition
    By Tony Hyams-Parish
    ISBN: 9789403515311, softcover, 110 pages
    €60 – £53 – $71

  • Labour and Employment Compliance in Germany, 7th edition
    By Gerlind Wisskirchen, Martin Lützeler
    ISBN: 9789403515410, softcover, 160 pages
    €60 – £53 – $71

  • Labour and Employment Compliance in Japan, 7th edition
    By Yoshikazu Sugino
    ISBN: 9789403515649, softcover, 124 pages
    €60 – £53 – $71

  • Labour and Employment Compliance in Poland, 7th edition
    By Barbara Jóźwik
    ISBN: 9789403515748, softcover, 90 pages
    €60 – £53 – $71

  • Labour and Employment Compliance in Saudi Arabia, 2nd edition
    By Sara Khoja, Sarit Thomas
    ISBN: 9789403515816, softcover, 78 pages
    €60 – £53 – $71

  • Labour and Employment Compliance in the Republic of Korea, 5th edition
    By Sang Wook Cho, Soojung Lee, Christopher Mandel
    ISBN: 9789403516011, softcover, 90 pages
    €60 – £53 – $71

  • Labour and Employment Compliance in The United Arab Emirates, 6th edition
    By Sara Khoja, Sarit Thomas
    ISBN: 9789403516042, softcover, 86 pages
    €60 – £53 – $71

  • Social Security Law in Switzerland, 2nd edition
    By Thomas Gächter, Dania Tremp
    ISBN: 9789403517742, softcover, 276 pages
    €85 – £75 – $100

  • Sports Law in Japan, 3rd edition
    By Takuya Yamazaki
    ISBN: 9789403516912, softcover, 128 pages
    €60 – £53 – $71

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