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Because markets have become so dynamic and unpredictable that is difficult to preserve efficiency, the author says, there is little room for law, and economic regulation is a better fit. Covering a complex topic and based on unique research, this book is one of the most promising proposals that rewrites competition law to enable competition authorities to pursue their goals in tackling today’s market challenges.

ISBN 9789403511337

October 2019, hardcover, 248 pages

Price € 135 – £ 111 – $ 149

By Yiannis Bazinas, Mehrnaz Mehrabi, Aigerim Sabit, Manuela Gornoviceanu, Joacquin Sales, Arran Dowling-Hussey, Dermot Flanagan, Tariq Mahmood, Takashi B. Yamamoto, Marek Oleksyn, Karina Zielinska, Dominika Stepinska-Duch, Janusz Tomczak, Damian Tokarczyk, Ewelina Rutkowska & Yiannis Sakkas

The 41st issue of the Comparative Law Yearbook of International Business spans an arc from nuanced discussion of the notion of “creativity” under various copyright regimes and product designations over corporate organization, acquisition and criminal conduct, regulation of payment services and tax evasion, to dealing with disruptive behavior in international arbitration.

The authors, practitioners and academics, from Japan, Poland, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Iran, Spain and England bring a medley of perspectives. They address on developments and pressing legal issues for business engaged in international commerce and investment, such as the difficulty of prosecuting corporate crimes, disincentives for tax offenders to cooperate with authorities, new paradigms for banking, and so on. For many of these contributions, though mostly not the focus, the United States and the EU remain common comparative references.

ISBN 9789403513034

October 2019, hardcover, 232 pages

Price € 149 – £ 123 – $ 165

The continuing stream of judgments and orders in the domain of State aids will make this edition a valuable addition to the field of competition law. This updated edition of the preeminent analysis of EU State aid case law has no peers. Practitioners in this key area of EU competition law will find this book indispensable.

ISBN 9789403511016

October 2019, hardcover, 912 pages

Price € 141 – £ 124 – $ 166

As the first comprehensive analysis of the treatment of the sharing economy for VAT purposes, the book provides not only a theoretical framework for future studies in the tax field but also indispensable practical guidance for VAT specialists to understand and address the main challenges that the sharing economy poses to the current EU VAT system. Moreover, the various solutions and recommendations advanced in the book offer valuable insights into international and national policymakers dealing with similar issues under other VAT systems.

ISBN 9789403514352

October 2019, hardcover, 448 pages

Price € 140 – £ 115 – $ 155

Adding up to an authoritative analysis from the enforcer’s perspective, the studies presented in the book clarify the approaches and priorities of competition enforcement authorities – including those of major emerging economies – and provide expert guidance on dealing with transnational investigations, which will continue to be an important topic for practitioners, academics and regulators. Antitrust lawyers, corporate counsel and policymakers will benefit immeasurably from this book’s wealth of informative detail.

ISBN 9789403502830

October 2019, hardcover, 356 pages

Price € 123 – £ 109 – $ 145

By Helen Cheng, David Cochrane, Noel Courage, Chris de Mauny, Adam Denley, Ruben V. Dzhermakyan, Sarah Hennebry, Pradeep Kumar Kamal, Atsushi Okamoto, Katsumasa Osaki, Ainslie Parsons, Phillip Price, Manisha Singh, Vladislav M. Ugryumov, Samuel Zhang, Shuman Zhang

This book is the first to provide a comprehensive global examination of the patentability of in vitro diagnostic tests. The editor, a patent attorney, globally known for her work with the pharmaceutical industry, has assembled a compendium of international expertise that will prove indispensable to patent practitioners (prosecution as well as litigation), corporate research teams, pharmaceutical and other companies and academics throughout the world. This book will be a single resource and reference guide for practitioners to understand the requirements for patenting in vitro diagnostics in each of the nine jurisdictions.

ISBN 9789041199850

October 2019, hardcover, 256 pages

Price € 181 – £ 148 – $ 200

With its deeply informed guidance with respect to the methods of regulation in a domain that is heavily influenced by technological developments, this book will be beneficial to policymakers, legislators, academics, judges and practitioners working in the area of copyright law as applied to the Internet. The detailed attention to the extent to which an intermediary can be held liable for copyright infringements in both the EU and the US will prove highly beneficial for in-house counsellors and advisors working for rights holder organizations and intermediary service providers.

ISBN 9789403514802

October 2019, hardcover, 360 pages

Price € 177 – £ 145 – $ 195

The book provides an overview of the main principles and guidelines that EU Courts have set out over time and will help practitioners dealing with trade mark confusion in infringement proceedings before EU or national courts, or in opposition proceedings before national offices or the EU Intellectual Property Office, to approach each case with full awareness of applicable criteria of assessment. This much-needed synthesis of case law will quickly become a standard reference work among lawyers, examiners and judges acting in trade mark matters.

ISBN 9789403505602

October 2019, hardcover, 280 pages

Price € 161 – £ 143 – $ 190

As a comprehensive analysis of how core copyright law concepts and principles function in today’s fragmented copyright legal system, this book has no peers. Its detailed treatment of numerous specific instruments and regimes, as well as its insightful approaches to the future of international copyright lawmaking, will prove to be of immeasurable value to lawyers, judges, policymakers, academics and researchers working in the field of copyright law.

ISBN 9789403503554

October 2019, hardcover, 744 pages

Price € 149 – £ 132 – $ 175

In summary, the author projects a clear case for predictability and certainty in the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments, as well as how to go about it, thus offering lawyers a strategic position to weigh their options in contemplating enforcement of foreign judgments in any jurisdiction even beyond the African region. This innovative approach will also be of particular value to policymakers at national levels, international and regional economic organisations, as well as scholars in private international law and international commercial law generally. This is regardless of their specific legal area or niche, especially considering the dearth of literature in African private international law.

ISBN 9789403511344

October 2019, hardcover, 360 pages

Price € 186 – £ 152 – $ 205

With this eminently practical book, contract negotiators, counsel and arbitrators can confidently navigate any international arbitration. Thorough coverage of the applicable rules and guidelines enables parties and/or the tribunal to design bespoke arbitration procedures based upon the various rules of leading regimes. Arbitral institutions can survey the different approaches and identify emerging best practices in the designing and drafting of arbitral regimes. Designed to cover the broad range of issues that are addressed in arbitration rules in a straightforward, practical style, this book will be a valuable resource for practitioners and students alike, both those who are new to arbitration and those with considerable knowledge and experience.

ISBN 9789041138149

October 2019, hardcover, 744 pages

Price € 195 – £ 172 – $ 235

By Luisa Corazza, Mario Fasani, Fernando Fonseca, Stefano Giubboni, Antoine Lyon-Caen, Jaime Cabeza Pereiro, Ralf Rogowski, Manfred Weiss, Sivananthiram Alagandram, Edoardo Ales, Takashi Araki, J.R. Bellace, Stefano Bellomo, Michele Boldrin & Giuseppe Casale

The debate about industrial relations and the state in our globalized world is of major concern for practitioners in governments, companies, employers’ associations and trade unions, as well as for company managers, entrepreneurs, consultants, judges, human rights lawyers and academics interested in labor, industrial relations and social rights in European and international contexts. This book, offering a deep analysis, with a comparative perspective, of the different industrial relations systems, is a guide to the paths of renewed and more complex international labor law.

ISBN 9789403506616

October 2019, hardcover, 312 pages

Price € 117 – £ 103 – $ 138

The Singapore Convention on Mediation is just beginning its life as an international legal instrument. How is it likely to fare? In this first comprehensive, article-by-article commentary, the authors provide a robust report on the features of the Convention and their implications, with analysis of potential controversies and authoritative clarifications of particular provisions.

This book takes a giant step towards relieving the inherent uncertainty associated with how this newly constituted instrument may operate, and how States may become ‘Convention ready’. It is sure to become an essential reference for international lawyers, mediators and government officials as the Convention proves itself in the coming years.

ISBN 9789403514819

October 2019, hardcover, 256 pages

Price € 160 – £ 141 – $ 188

This definitive guide to the law of arbitration in Malaysia will prove to be of immeasurable value in approaching any arbitration with a seat in Malaysia. In addition to such practical use, it will be relevant for arbitrators, in-house counsel, law firms, companies involved in transnational business, academics and international arbitration centres.

ISBN 9789041186652

October 2019, hardcover, 440 pages

Price € 177 – £ 145 – $ 195

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  • Competition Law in Lithuania, 3rd edition
    By Jaunius Gumbis, Marius Juonys, Simona Liuimienė, Karolis Kačerauskas, Ilona Jančiauskaitė
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  • Competition Law in the United States, 4th edition
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  • Labour and Employment Compliance in Belgium, 4th edition
    By Chris Van Olmen
    ISBN: 9789403515144, softcover, 138 pages
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  • Labour and Employment Compliance in England, 7th edition
    By Tony Hyams-Parish
    ISBN: 9789403515311, softcover, 110 pages
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  • Labour and Employment Compliance in Germany, 7th edition
    By Gerlind Wisskirchen, Martin Lützeler
    ISBN: 9789403515410, softcover, 160 pages
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  • Labour and Employment Compliance in Japan, 7th edition
    By Yoshikazu Sugino
    ISBN: 9789403515649, softcover, 124 pages
    €60 – £53 – $71

  • Labour and Employment Compliance in Poland, 7th edition
    By Barbara Jóźwik
    ISBN: 9789403515748, softcover, 90 pages
    €60 – £53 – $71

  • Labour and Employment Compliance in Saudi Arabia, 2nd edition
    By Sara Khoja, Sarit Thomas
    ISBN: 9789403515816, softcover, 78 pages
    €60 – £53 – $71

  • Labour and Employment Compliance in the Republic of Korea, 5th edition
    By Sang Wook Cho, Soojung Lee, Christopher Mandel
    ISBN: 9789403516011, softcover, 90 pages
    €60 – £53 – $71

  • Labour and Employment Compliance in The United Arab Emirates, 6th edition
    By Sara Khoja, Sarit Thomas
    ISBN: 9789403516042, softcover, 86 pages
    €60 – £53 – $71

  • Social Security Law in Switzerland, 2nd edition
    By Thomas Gächter, Dania Tremp
    ISBN: 9789403517742, softcover, 276 pages
    €85 – £75 – $100

  • Sports Law in Japan, 3rd edition
    By Takuya Yamazaki
    ISBN: 9789403516912, softcover, 128 pages
    €60 – £53 – $71

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