Releases November 2018

This is the fortieth volume of the Comparative Law Yearbook of International Business, and it includes reports by practitioners and experts from Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Germany, India, Italy, The Netherlands, Slovakia, Turkey, and the United States who deal with topics from national and regional perspectives.

Authors from Australia and Turkey examine issues relating to investment. Authors from Italy, India, and Slovakia treat matters concerning corporate law. Authors from Germany, Italy, India, and the United States report on topics dealing with litigation and dispute resolution. Authors from Argentina, Belgium, and The Netherlands deal with issues relating to restrictive covenants, commercial law, and trade secrets.
ISBN 9789403506111
October 2018, hardcover, 352 pages

Price € 150 – £ 123 – $ 175
This book offers a handy and practical review and analysis of the legal instruments, taking into account the fluidity and the transiency of the regulation of these very dynamic phenomena. By providing the full text of the regulations and directives along with the commentaries, this book helps the readers to comprehend the subtleties of these legal texts and thereby learn how to apply them confidently. This book will be quickly taken up by the myriad professionals – lawyers, officials and academics – engaged with data protection, e-commerce and IT on a daily basis.
ISBN 9789041194077
November 2018, hardcover, 1056 pages

Price € 199 – £ 163 – $ 220
Due to the unprecedented event that Brexit represents, there is an insatiable need for knowledge and technical detail as to its possible legal implications. This book establishes the required literature in this regard and thereby helps the readers in comprehending what lies ahead. In its thorough analysis of the ongoing Brexit process and the technical understanding of the meaning of Brexit for several substantive areas of law, this book offers a solidly grounded and revealing exploration of the future that is particularly enlightening in explaining the challenges that the UK legal order is facing as a consequence of Brexit.
ISBN 9789041195401
November 2018, hardcover, 328 pages

Price € 149 – £ 122 – $ 165
The seventh edition of this two-volume set brings a comprehensive and systematic survey of European Tax Law up to January 2018. It provides a state of the art clarification and analysis of the implications of the EU Treaties and secondary EU law for national and bilateral tax law.

From the consequences of the EU free movement rights – to the soft law meant to put a halt to harmful tax competition. The seventh edition of European Tax Law offers a cutting-edge analysis of the field surrounding tax law across Europe. It puts forward a thought-provoking discussion of the current EU tax rules, as well as of the EU Court’s case law in tax matters.
ISBN 9789403505909
November 2018, softcover, 576 pages

Price € 70 – £ 57 – $ 77
This book takes a giant step towards improving the understanding of the legal treatment of fidelity rebates and understanding as to whether the treatment of fidelity rebates could be effects-based, without necessarily carrying out an AEC test. This book thus contributes significantly to the practical work of enforcement agencies, courts and private entities and their advisors.
ISBN 9789403505701
November 2018, hardcover, 224 pages

Price € 118 – £ 96 – $ 130
Because of the increasing legal certainty in this area guaranteed by the GDPR, multinational corporations and their customers and contractors will benefit enormously from consulting and using this book. For practitioners and academics, researching or advising clients in this area, and government policy advisors, this book provides an indispensable source of guidance and information for many years to come. Referencing many rulings of European courts, as well as interpretations and guidelines formulated by European data protection authorities, examples and best practices, makes this book of great practical value to lawyers and business leaders.
ISBN 9789403505947
December 2018, hardcover, 344 pages

Price € 150 – £ 123 – $ 166
The global listed property sector has been characterized by a variety of noteworthy developments over the recent past, the proliferation of real estate investment trust-type structures in countries around the world key among them. Despite an uncertain economic environment, REITs have proven their ability to promote institutional real estate investments in global financial markets.

This highly practical book features a comprehensive analysis of both the legal and tax underpinnings of REIT-friendly legislation in a variety of the world’s most significant jurisdictions. With regard to the legal framework, the structure and functioning of a REIT is carefully investigated and explained.
ISBN 9789403502939
December 2018, hardcover, 688 pages

Price € 280 – £ 229 – $ 310
There are many guides to the conduct of international business transactions, but none organized as clearly as this. With this up-to-date edition of a well-established practical guide, in-house lawyers for multinational corporations and practitioners in business law will quickly develop a framework for understanding each source of protection and enhance their ability to serve their company and clients well. With a consistent focus on how to draft the common elements of the contract in each level of international business involvement, this book will prove to be a valuable office reference guide.
ISBN 9789041190925
December 2018, hardcover, 808 pages

Price € 177 – £ 144 – $ 195
This Documents volume is a companion to International Business Transactions Fundamentals, Second Edition (Kluwer Law International, ISBN 9789041190925) and provides all the supporting sources for students and practitioners seeking information on international commercial law.
ISBN 9789041191076
December 2018, hardcover, 536 pages

Price € 82 – £ 67 – $ 90
As the chapters are structured from the perspective of practitioners, this book provides answers to the frequently raised problems concerning SPCs. This approach distinguishes this book from other commentaries and thereby serves as invaluable assistance to IP practitioners in devising successful pan-European SPC filing strategies. Its country-by-country format makes it easy to compare the national practices and the respective national case law of the different European countries.
ISBN 9789041199959
November 2018, hardcover, 568 pages

Price € 186 – £ 152 – $ 205
The seventh edition of this two-volume set brings a comprehensive and systematic survey of European Tax Law up to January 2018. It provides a state of the art clarification and analysis of the implications of the EU Treaties and secondary EU law for national and bilateral tax law. From the consequences of the EU free movement rights – to the soft law meant to put a halt to harmful tax competition. The seventh edition of European Tax Law offers a cutting-edge analysis of the field surrounding tax law across Europe. It puts forward a thought-provoking discussion of the current EU tax rules, as well as of the EU Court’s case law in tax matters.
ISBN 9789403505831
November 2018, hardcover, 1016 pages

Price € 113 – £ 93 – $ 125
With no other competing book on the market, this edition will be welcomed by practitioners and academics with an interest in the legal system of Germany. This will be a unique publication as a starting point for more in-depth research on the German law covering all major legal disciplines.
ISBN 9789041190987
November 2018, hardcover, 624 pages

Price € 136 – £ 111 – $ 150
This book serves as a basic professional casebook to understand Chinese copyright law system. The value of this book to non-Chinese enterprises and individuals with Chinese connections or prospects is immeasurable. There are no peers for this book. Every professional, official, policymaker or academic interested in international copyright will welcome its prodigious first-hand communication about one of the most crucial aspects of global trade relations.
ISBN 9789041191045
December 2018, hardcover, 288 pages

Price € 159 – £ 130 – $ 175
Given that there is a growing consensus as to the circumstances in which injunctions should be available to the patentees and the circumstances when injunctions should be denied, a comprehensive analysis of the various legal doctrines that justify a more flexible approach towards injunctive relief is warranted. This book will give patent law practitioners and in-house counsel the opportunity to draw from the experience of other jurisdictions where courts faced similar problems. Policymakers, patent office officials, academics and researchers in intellectual property law will also welcome this approach.
ISBN 9789041194572
December 2018, hardcover, 280 pages

Price € 181 – £ 148 – $ 200
With its in-depth discussion of the regulatory dilemma of protecting the fundamental right to strike for all employees while ensuring the uninterrupted flow of services, deemed as essential for the public, this book forms a refined and nuanced basis for further academic research. Its contextually relevant options for strategic choice and public policy debate makes this book an incomparable handbook for labour lawyers, legislators, policymakers, judicial bodies and researchers in the field of collective labour relations and fundamental human rights of workers on the national as well as international level.
ISBN 9789041189974
December 2018, hardcover, 616 pages

Price € 150 – £ 123 – $ 166
The analysis draws upon the expertise of representatives of European and Chinese Universities, which have been working together on these issues. This book will provide policymakers and businesses with a guide on how to deal with those tax issues. It would also facilitate international dialogue that is being currently undertaken.
ISBN 9789403501208
November 2018, hardcover, 360 pages

Price € 136 – £ 111 – $ 150
In its detailed overview of recent tax developments that affect virtual currency transactions and evaluation of tax policies related to virtual currencies, this book has no peers. Especially in view of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) examination of the tax challenges presented by the digital economy as part of its base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) project, this clear and comprehensive explanation of the functioning of virtual currency and blockchain technology will be welcomed by tax administration officials and by persons mining and transacting in virtual currencies needing to know their tax compliance obligations.
ISBN 9789403501031
November 2018, hardcover, 312 pages

Price € 118 – £ 96 – $ 130
Lawyers and policymakers involved in international economic law and related fields will welcome this nuanced and in-depth description and analysis of the AIIB. Its concomitant analysis of political economy and global governance issues is intended as a basic introduction for law students and lawyers. This book will be of interest to bankers, businesses, government officials and others looking for an overall understanding of multilateral development banking and China’s approach toward global governance in particular.
ISBN 9789403506319
December 2018, hardcover, 256 pages

Price € 131 – £ 107 – $ 144
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    ISBN: 9789403503806, softcover, 146 pages
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  • Labour and Employment Compliance in Belgium, 3rd edition
    By Chris Van Olmen
    ISBN: 9789403503837, softcover, 158 pages
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  • Labour and Employment Compliance in Brazil, 5th edition
    By Rodrigo Seizo Takano, Andrea Giamondo Massei Rossi, Murilo Caldeira Germiniani
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  • Labour and Employment Compliance in Ireland, 5th edition
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  • Labour and Employment Compliance in Israel, 5th edition
    By Yaron Horovitz, Pnina Broder-Manor & Helen Raziel
    ISBN: 9789403504308, softcover, 118 pages
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  • Labour and Employment Compliance in Mexico, 6th edition
    By Oscar De La Vega Gómez
    ISBN: 9789403504438, softcover, 113 pages
    €60 – £49 – $66

  • Labour and Employment Compliance in The Netherlands, 4th edition
    By Els de Wind, Cara Pronk
    ISBN: 9789403504704, softcover, 105 pages
    €60 – £49 – $66

  • Labour and Employment Compliance in Turkey, 4th edition
    By Sertaç Kökenek, Elif Nur Çakır
    ISBN: 9789403504735, softcover, 121 pages
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  • Labour Law in Austria, 3rd edition
    By Nora Melzer-Azodanloo
    ISBN: 9789403507545, softcover, 272 pages
    €85 – £70 – $94

  • Property and Trust Law in Poland, 2nd edition
    By Magdalena Habdas
    ISBN: 9789403508146, softcover, 301 pages
    €85 – £70 – $94

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