Releases May 2019

In its committed urging of GNSS signal providers to improve the stability of the satellite navigation systems and its insightful recommendations on how to promote public safety, this book will gain the attention of international organisations such as ICAO, IMO, ICG, COPUOS, and UNIDROIT for their further moves on the issue of GNSS civil liability. This book offers a feasible roadmap indicating a truly viable international regime of GNSS civil liability. Relevant international organisations and States, as well as practitioners, are sure to respond positively to its unique and important analysis.

ISBN 9789403511719

May 2019, Hardcover, 280 pages

Price € 125 – £ 103 – $ 138

Given the importance of the interpretation of contracts in cross-border transactions, every practitioner of international arbitration will welcome this incomparable book’s easy access to the essential literature and case laws in the legal systems and uniform law texts most commonly used as governing law in international disputes. Corporate counsel, scholars and academics will find this book as a secondary source for research of the historical development and policy outcomes of the decisions of lawmakers.

ISBN 9789403511306

May 2019, hardcover, 256 pages

Price € 180 – £ 148 – $ 199

With its case study (based on the Apple group) empirically demonstrating the existence of the profit shifting phenomenon, its clearly documented exposure of the reasons why traditional corporate income tax regimes systematically give rise to these outcomes, its new tax policy guideline and its proposals for reform, this book makes a significant contribution to current tax policy discussions concerning corporate income taxation in cross-border scenarios. It will be warmly welcomed by all concerned—policymakers, scholars, practitioners—with the greatest tax policy challenges that corporate income taxation is facing in the contemporary world.

ISBN 9789403506401

May 2019, hardcover, 336 pages

Price € 140 – £ 115 – $ 155

This English translation of a book published in 2016—the first to focus on labor and employment-related issues in China in a comprehensive way via case law—will help the international community to understand China’s labor law environment and its current achievements. Through real cases with attorneys’ arguments from various perspectives, the book equips the reader with current and future labor law environment and knowledge in China. It will prove to be of immeasurable practical value for practitioners, arbitrators, and academics, as well as for employers and workers with an interest in China.

ISBN 9789041195494

May 2019, hardcover, 376 pages

Price € 127 – £ 104 – $ 140

The primary objective of this book is to provide the reader with a detailed and practical commentary on the EU trade defence legislation as actually applied by the European Commission in the light of the relevant WTO rules. Reflecting decades of experience, this book is the pre-eminent work in the field which remains without peer as a guide to EU trade defence law.

ISBN 9789041199669

May 2019, hardcover, 1008 pages

Price € 306 – £ 250 – $ 338

This book’s careful examination of theory and practice and its approach to lessons learned from case studies will reward trade and investment officials, policymakers, diplomats, economists, lawyers, think tanks, business leaders and others interested in this evermore important area of law and economics. Readers who are primarily interested in a specific area of SEZs and/or international investment law and/or international trade law and/or FDI-related policies will find multiple chapters relevant to each particular area.

ISBN 9789403508931

May 2019, hardcover, 400 pages

Price € 150 – £ 123 – $ 166

Given that recent legal scholarship has been increasingly insistent that judicial practice should evolve towards broader use of declarations, particularly where interpretation of contractual stipulations is necessary, this book elaborates a new perspective for modern redefinition of the legal interest concept. With its challenging redefinition of this concept, it promises to play an important role in formulation of relief in dispute resolution, particularly in international commercial arbitration. Lawyers and arbitrators will benefit from the awareness of how other tribunals decide and how awards can be formulated, and arbitration institutions as well as academics in the field will welcome this deeply informative analysis.

ISBN 9789403512440

May 2019, hardcover, 368 pages

Price € 176 – £ 144 – $ 194

It is generally acknowledged that there is a need to monitor how the digital transformation may be impacting value creation. This book is a key milestone towards developing a durable, long-term solution to the tax challenges posed by the digitalization of the economy. With its thorough scrutiny of proposals for a digital services tax and virtual permanent establishments, and its astute analysis of modern digital services taxation, it will quickly prove indispensable for tax practitioners and the international tax community more generally in understanding the challenges arising for tax policy from digitalization.

ISBN 9789403503615

May 2019, hardcover, 376 pages

Price € 135 – £ 111 – $ 149

Assimilating in one source the basic materials in public international law germane to taxation, including cases, texts of international agreements, discourse on secondary sources and incisive commentary, all updated to the present, this new edition of the authoritative and important book in its field will be of immeasurable value to tax practitioners worldwide, national taxation authorities, international institutions and the international tax community more generally. It will also be of interest to those who are more seasoned in international law and international taxation. The new edition is an up-to-date work with a contemporary orientation, based mainly on the first edition with some changes.

ISBN 9789041184764

May 2019, hardcover, 664 pages

Price € 208 – £ 171 – $ 230

As the title of this book indicates, one of its notable aspects is that it is “comprehensive.” First, it avoids unnecessary legal jargon, making it accessible to a large public. Second, it adopts a progressive approach where legal subtleties are not avoided but presented at the right moment and the right place, thereby not overwhelming the reader. This peerless book is thus a source of strategic knowledge for practitioners, academics, students, policy makers in governments and international organizations. Law firms involved in subsidies cases are naturally at the forefront of the community of agents concerned by this topic.

ISBN 9789403503608

May 2019, hardcover, 792 pages

Price € 208 – £ 170 – $ 230

More new titles

  • Commercial and Economic Law in the United States of America, 4th edition
    By Andre Fiebig
    ISBN: 9789403511535, softcover, 140 pages
    €60 – £66 – $49

  • Constitutional Law in France
    By Marie-Luce Paris, Julie Foulon, Hugo-Bernard Pouillaude, Julien Sterck
    ISBN: 9789403507347, softcover, 334 pages
    €96 – £106 – $79

  • Constitutional Law in Italy, 2nd edition
    By Valerio Onida, Elisabetta Lamarque, Costanza Nardocci, Matteo Nicolini, Maurizio Pedrazza Gorlero, Lorenzo Spadacini, Enzo Balboni, Ilaria Carlotto, Marta Cartabia, Paolo Cavaleri, Fabrizio D’Addabbo, Marilisa D’Amico, Antonio D’Andrea, Giovanni Guiglia
    ISBN: 9789403507149, softcover, 362 pages
    €107 – £118 – $88

  • Contract Law in South Korea
    By Won-Lim Jee, Jung Won (Jamie) Jun
    ISBN: 9789403511436, softcover, 212 pages
    €76 – £84 – $62

  • Corporate Acquisitions and Mergers in Argentina, 2nd edition
    By Pablo Artagaveytia, Gabriel Gotlib
    ISBN: 9789403509730, softcover, 90 pages
    €55 – £61 – $45

  • Corporate Acquisitions and Mergers in Vietnam, 3rd edition
    By Tony Foster, Bui Thanh Tien
    ISBN: 9789403509754, softcover, 146 pages
    €60 – £66 – $49

  • Religion and Law in South Africa
    By Charles Maimela
    ISBN: 9789403511511, softcover, 190 pages
    €68 – £75 – $56

  • Corporations and Partnerships in South Korea, 3rd edition
    By Kyung-Hoon Chun, Kon-Sik Kim, Hyeok-Joon Rho, Ok-Rial Song
    ISBN: 9789403511542, softcover, 154 pages
    €68 – £75 – $56

  • Insurance Law in Italy, 2nd edition
    By Diana Cerini
    ISBN: 9789403511443, softcover, 192 pages
    €68 – £75 – $56

  • Intellectual Property Law in the Czech Republic
    By Aleš Rozehnal
    ISBN: 9789403511450, softcover, 126 pages
    €60 – £66 – $49

  • Media law in Hungary, 3rd edition
    By Judit Bayer, Agnes Urban, Gábor Polyák
    ISBN: 9789403511559, softcover, 220 pages
    €76 – £84 – $62

  • Medical Law in India, 2nd edition
    By Mohammad Naseem, Saman Naseem
    ISBN: 9789403511603, softcover, 240 pages
    €76 – £84 – $62

  • Property and Trust Law in England and Wales
    By Peter Sparkes
    ISBN: 9789403511504, softcover, 102 pages
    €60 – £66 – $49

  • Corporate Acquisitions and Mergers in Bulgaria, 2nd edition
    By Diana Dimova, Nina Tsifudina, Stiliyana Ivanova, Georgi Georgiev, Simeon Vachev, Denitsa Kuzeva, Kamen Chanov, Tsvetinka Andreeva
    ISBN: 9789403509747, softcover, 143 pages
    €60 – £66 – $49

See the overview of the forthcoming titles here

See the overview of the forthcoming titles here

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