Releases March 2019

Familiarity with the intricacies of the New York Convention, as the most universally acknowledged framework in which cross-border economic exchanges can flourish, is essential for judges, practitioners, legal staff, business people, and scholars working with or applying international commercial arbitration anywhere in the world. This book’s combination of highly thought-provoking topics and the depth with which they are addressed will prove invaluable to all interested parties.
ISBN 9789403501550
March 2019, Hardcover, 576 pages

Price € 190 – £ 155 – $ 210
Buyers and sellers engaging in the cross-border sale of goods are well-advised to be conversant with the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG), which governs international sales contracts. The CISG has been ratified by 89 states, which together account for over three-quarters of all world trade. This practically-oriented, article-by-article commentary on the CISG will be useful to legal practitioners, counsel and arbitrators dealing with international sales contracts.
ISBN 9789041199782
March 2019, hardcover, 776 pages

Price € 280 – £ 229 – $ 350
With its practical approach to the various legal rules and principles both at EU level and in the different EU Member States, the book clearly describes in detail how copyright law functions throughout the EU. Professionals, business entities and academics who must be familiar with this dynamic legal area, especially in the digital environment, will benefit greatly from the book’s clear consideration of legal questions that arise in connection with copyright issues. Embracing modern copyright exploitation trends, this book provides a clear understanding of how copyright law functions in the digital environment (in the EU).
ISBN 9789041183699
March 2019, hardcover, 216 pages

Price € 120 – £ 98 – $ 132
The legal analysis in this book supports, with great authority, the demands for a leap forward in the full harmonisation of key prudential requirements within the Banking Union. Legal and banking practitioners, officials in national and European authorities, banking law scholars and policymakers will benefit enormously from the lessons it contains for the way forward of the Banking Union and, more generally, the future of the European Union itself.
ISBN 9789403508726
March 2019, hardcover, 248 pages

Price € 118 – £ 96 – $ 130
The core legal concepts underlying compliance and their impact on business operations encompass corporate governance, cyberlaw and security, financial services regulations, and compliance issues in health care and biotechnology.

“Compliance”, a term often invoked but subject to a variety of iterations. To engage in compliance services, lawyers must have a good knowledge of the regulated industry that they serve, an understanding of risk management, and the skills to draft policy statements, provide financial reporting, and advise in the development of projects.
ISBN 9789403510750
March 2019, hardcover, 368 pages

Price € 159 – £ 130 – $ 175
With the finely tuned analysis presented in this book, readers can gain a good understanding of the current VAT treatment of sales promotion techniques and when these can currently (unjustly) result in a VAT cost. Practitioners can ensure an appropriate argumentation on the VAT treatment of SPTs with national tax authorities or before courts. As the first overall study on the VAT treatment of SPTs, clearly discussing the issues and legislative gaps and making concrete suggestions for future legislation, it is sure to be welcomed also by academics and EU policymakers.
ISBN 9789403508610
March 2019, hardcover, 376 pages

Price € 140 – £ 115 – $ 155
In its insistence that, despite the radical changes in the world of work and business brought about by globalization and digital technologies, the decisions of institutions and public and private actors can lead to a more coherent system of international economic and social governance, this timely volume shows the way forward. Practitioners and scholars in the areas of labour law, industrial relations, and social security will benefit immeasurably from its expert analyses and exhaustive and detailed recommendations, and they will find this book an easy reference work.
ISBN 9789403508917
February 2019, hardcover, 384 pages

Price € 120 – £ 98 – $ 132
More new titles
  • Civil Procedure in Greece, 2nd edition
    By Pelayia Yessiou-Faltsi
    ISBN: 9789403509440, softcover, 332 pages
    €96 – £79 – $106

  • Competition Law in Italy, 2nd edition
    By Alberto Toffoletto, Alessandra Stabilini
    ISBN: 9789403509532, softcover, 294 pages
    €85 – £70 – $94

  • Contract Law in Lithuania
    By Laurynas Didžiulis
    ISBN: 9789403511429, softcover, 382 pages
    €107 – £88 – $118

  • Cyber Law in Kenya, 2nd edition
    By Isaac Rutenberg
    ISBN: 9789403512419, softcover, 370 pages
    €107 – £88 – $118

  • Environmental law in Poland
    By Barbara Kowalczyk, Rafał Mikowski, Łukasz Mikowski
    ISBN: 9789403509501, softcover, 226 pages
    €76 – £62 – $84

  • International Monetary Fund (IMF), 3rd edition
    By Annamaria Viterbo
    ISBN: 9789403509631, softcover, 216 pages
    €76 – £62 – $84

  • Labour Law in Cyprus, 2nd edition
    By Achilles C. Emilianides, Christina Ioannou
    ISBN: 9789403507712, softcover, 266 pages
    €85 – £70 – $94

  • Media Law in Cyprus, 2nd edition
    By Costas Stratilatis, Achilles C. Emilianides
    ISBN: 9789403509709, softcover, 246 pages
    €76 – £62 – $84

  • Property and Trust Law in Switzerland, 2nd edition
    By Georg von Segesser, Josef Caleff
    ISBN: 9789403509716, softcover, 76 pages
    €55 – £45 – $61

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