Releases July 2019

As a comprehensive guide to every aspect of international and domestic arbitration in the Russian Federation, this insightful commentary will be welcomed by legal practitioners worldwide dealing with an ongoing or contemplated arbitration or enforcement of an arbitral award in Russia. This book serves as an introduction and guidance for foreign practitioners dealing with ongoing or contemplated arbitration proceedings in Russia. It will also serve as a point of reference providing international legal scholars, researchers and students with an authoritative explanation of the legal regulation of arbitration and the approaches adopted in Russian doctrine and legal practice.

ISBN 9789403503622

July 2019, hardcover, 224 pages

Price € 176 – £ 144 – $ 194

As a detailed analysis of how capacity mechanisms address issues arising in the context of the enegy transition – and how the system of EU law applicable to capacity mechanisms should be interpreted to further the objectives of EU energy law – this book will help policymakers and legislators in Member States to understand the changing legal setting for capacity mechanisms. Lawyers, academics and other professionals who deal with EU electricity markets in the EU and beyond are sure to welcome its detailed description and analysis.

ISBN 9789403514512

July 2019, hardcover, 272 pages

Price € 127 – £ 104 – $ 140

By Adrianna Michalowicz, Patrycja Naklicka, Zuzanna Piotrowska, Pawel Punda, Michal Sztaberek, Witold Chomiczewski, Aleksander P. Czarnowski, Marcin Dominiak, Adrianna Gnatowska, Michal Kibil, Katarzyna Kloc, Katarzyna Kunda, Dominik Lubasz

Being the only book on the market approaching GDPR from the systemic and practical perspective in such detail, this book provides a thorough explanation of all GDPR obligations and related liability relying on private and other obliged organisations. This book is an indispensable practical resource for corporate data protection officers, in-house counsel, lawyers in data protection practice, and e-commerce start-ups worldwide, guiding on how to comply with GDPR obligations.

ISBN 9789403514147

July 2019, hardcover, 376 pages

Price € 113 – £ 93 – $ 125

Designed to empower readers to effect meaningful legal action against money manipulation and debasement for the benefit of financial elites, this book is essential reading for banking lawyers, bankers, securities firms, lobbyists, government regulators and supervisory institutions. Placing present-day financial crises in an historical context, this book is also sure to be welcomed by academics in finance and securities law.

ISBN 9789403509419

July 2019, hardcover, 608 pages

Price € 160 – £ 131 – $ 177

In the clear light it sheds on the legal conditions under which states may regulate in the public interest and its contribution to the reforms that are currently taking place in the field of international investment law, this book constitutes an exemplary framework to evaluate investment decisions on the FET standard and the right to regulate. It will be extremely useful for practitioners who work on investment cases, policymakers involved in negotiating and drafting of IIAs, policy advisors of governmental and non-governmental organisations and academics in international investment law.

ISBN 9789403509310

July 2019, hardcover, 320 pages

Price € 172 – £ 141 – $ 190

Because the efficient and effective functioning of third-party certifiers is extremely important in today’s world – especially in such areas as health, the environment, safety or economic values – this deeply researched contribution to an important area of commercial law, combining analysis of current issues with proposed reforms, will be welcomed by practitioners when confronted with legal issues with regard to the certification process. The book’s conceptual framework will also prove highly useful for policymakers charged with developing reliable certification mechanisms.

ISBN 9789403510910

July 2019, hardcover, 464 pages

Price € 135 – £ 111 – $ 149

With its clear guidelines for matters currently not addressed in previous publications and likely to be raised in specific cases, this book will prove to be of immeasurable value for arbitration practitioners and academics in any jurisdiction. Business parties that seek to prevent contradicting decisions in multilateral transactions will appreciate the practically feasible alternatives it presents in the event of follow-up disputes involving third parties.

ISBN 9789403512730

July 2019, hardcover, 392 pages

Price € 186 – £ 152 – $ 205

Drawing on over a half-century of case law in both areas of practice, this comprehensive study of the non-discrimination rules under WTO law and international tax law will be invaluable in systematically solving cases of tax discrimination under Article 24 of the OECD Model and putting forward arguments at any stage of a WTO analysis. Policymakers will benefit from the author’s clear explanation of how national law should comply with international obligations. Also, taxpayers’ advisers will proceed confidently in claims of tax treaty discrimination, and academics will discover an incomparable overview and analysis of anti-discrimination rules in international trade law and double taxation conventions.

ISBN 9789403509044

July 2019, hardcover, 672 pages

Price € 177 – £ 145 – $ 195

More new titles

  • Competition Law in Croatia
    By Jasminka Pecotić Kaufman, Vlatka Butorac Malnar, Dubravka Akšamović
    ISBN: 9789403516240, softcover, 230 pages
    €76 – £67 – $90

  • Competition Law in New Zealand
    By Anna Kingsbury
    ISBN: 9789403516349, softcover, 180 pages
    €68 – £60 – $80

  • Constitutional Law in Russia, 2nd edition
    By Irina Bogdanovskaia, Sergey Danilov, Tatiana Vassilieva
    ISBN: 9789403511412, softcover, 218 pages
    €76 – £67 – $90

  • Corporate Acquisitions and Mergers in the European Union, 3rd edition
    By Riccardo Celli, Christian Riis Madsen, Philippe Noguès, Stéphane Frank
    ISBN: 9789403516516, softcover, 204 pages
    €76 – £67 – $90

  • Criminal Law in Poland
    By Wojciech Jasiński, Karolina Kremens
    ISBN: 9789403513249, softcover, 352 pages
    €96 – £85 – $113

  • Cyber Law in Mexico, 4th edition
    By Cristos Velasco
    ISBN: 9789403509617, softcover, 470 pages
    €120 – £106 – $142

  • Labour Law in Denmark, 5th edition
    By Ole Hasselbalch
    ISBN: 9789403509648, softcover, 342 pages
    €96 – £85 – $113

  • Private International Law in the Czech Republic, 2nd edition
    By Monika Pauknerová, Magdalena Pfeiffer
    ISBN: 9789403513324, softcover, 196 pages
    €68 – £60 – $80

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