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International Arbitration: Issues, Perspectives and Practice is a three-part compendium of contributions annotated to reflect Neil Kaplan’s over 40-year career as a Judge of the Supreme Court of Hong Kong. Neil is widely referred to as the ‘father of arbitration in Hong Kong’ who has gone on to become one of the members of the upper echelons of the ‘great and the good’ of international arbitration. On the occasion of his 75th birthday, Neil Kaplan’s unparalleled influence in the field of international arbitration is celebrated in this book which comprises contributions from over twenty-five renowned international arbitration practitioners, all of whom credit Kaplan as having impacted the development of arbitration in their respective jurisdictions or professionally.
ISBN 9789041199690
January 2019, Hardcover, 624 pages

Price € 200 – £ 164 – $ 221
As an exemplary demonstration of developing theory to keep up with practice, this unique book provides a deeply engaged means for enhancing the practice of international arbitration. Its introduction of a new field of interdisciplinary analysis employing legal argumentation theories is sure to provide inestimable guidance for institutions and policymakers, especially in light of recent proposals for the creation of a permanent investment arbitration court. Given that unveiling the legal decision-making process is critical for the well-being of the whole dispute resolution procedure, and that being aware of how arbitrators interpret the law can constitute a roadmap for counsel’s arguments and approaches when dealing with cross-border disputes, the topic of this book is relevant for both academics and practitioners, and its significance can only grow as recourse to investor-state arbitration continues to expand.
ISBN 9789041196002
December 2018, hardcover, 336 pages

Price € 200 – £ 164 – $ 221
Providing a practical and academic commentary to every article of the Convention, this book will also report on all the case law on the European Convention. Arbitration disputes are increasing across the vast geographical region in which the ECICA is applicable, and practitioners acting in such disputes will welcome this thorough commentary on the functionality, advantages and disadvantages of each of the Convention’s provisions. They will approach national courts and arbitral tribunals with full knowledge of the rules of procedure and benefit from analysis of court decisions. Global firms, particularly in the oil and gas industry, will also appreciate the book’s masterful explication of this powerful instrument in international commercial arbitration.
ISBN 9789041185907
January 2019, hardcover, 268 pages

Price € 136 – £ 111 – $ 150
As an in-depth explication of how the rules and principles of international economic law are applied in Latin America, this book has no peers. For practitioners drafting business agreements with Latin American companies, or needing to ensure availability of appropriate remedies, this book’s detailed insight into international litigation in the region, including case law illustrating the main topics, will prove to be of immeasurable value. Professionals in the arbitral community worldwide, as well as governments, dedicated research centres, and officials in international organizations will welcome this book’s model for comparative integration studies, systematic guidance on procedure and case law of domestic and international courts and arbitral tribunals, and extensive treatment of dispute settlement mechanisms in trade and investment agreements.
ISBN 9789041182333
January 2019, hardcover, 448 pages

Price € 180 – £ 147 – $ 225
A matchless remedy for the lack of uniformity of approach heretofore, the book’s investigation of the nexus between competition law and IP in different sectors and in various countries takes a giant step towards a more-balanced approach and more-levelled regulation and practices. Providing information about recent law and case law dealing with the intersection between IP and Competition in various systems, this book will be warmly appreciated by practitioners, regulators, policymakers and academics in both competition law and IP.
ISBN 9789041186874
January 2019, hardcover, 584 pages

Price € 195 – £ 159 – $ 215
With examples of typical international tax planning techniques and descriptions of the work of the major international organizations that play an important role with respect to international tax, the Primer remains the preeminent first recourse for professionals in the field. Although of greatest value to students, tax practitioners and government officials confronting international tax for the first time, this book is sure to continue in use by tax professionals at every level of experience and on a worldwide basis. The Primer provides the reader an easy-to-read understanding of the basic concepts and structural features of international taxation that form the basis for all countries’ international tax rules obtaining an understanding of the tax policy principles underlying the international tax system.
ISBN 9789403502823
January 2019, hardcover, 264 pages

Price € 86 – £ 71 – $ 95
This book provides a necessary background for comparative engagement with economic change enabling readers to obtain an insight into the main changes and challenges in American Labor Law. Because the developments it deals with are global, this is critical reading for policy makers, academics, students, and an enlightened public to put what is happening in broader historical context as seen from the paradigm neoliberal economy and its legal institutions.
ISBN 9789403506548
January 2019, Softcover, 120 pages

Price € 91 – £ 74 – $ 100
Previous editions have been applauded for their unremitting emphasis on rules introduced on the basis of multilateral agreements of an unprecedented reach, within which both States and undertakings are made to recognize and deal with one another. In this fourth edition, this perspective, daunting in its scope and breadth, is maintained and expanded, providing a synthesizing and enlightening analysis that will be of immeasurable value to all parties with an interest – academic, juridical or administrative – in this very important area of law.
ISBN 9789041199508
January 2019, hardcover, 608 pages

Price € 225 – £ 185 – $ 249
In light of the many new developments in the field, this thoroughly updated fourth edition provides a clear overview of the legal aspects of a wide array of current and emerging space activities. Lawyers, policymakers, diplomats, students, and professionals in the telecommunication and aerospace sectors, with or without a legal background, will find concise yet comprehensive guidance in this book that will help them understand and address legal issues in the ever-changing field of space activities.
ISBN 9789041160607
January 2019, hardcover

Price € 110 – £ 90 – $ 121
More new titles
  • Constitutional Law in Nigeria, 2nd edition
    By Oyelowo Oyewo
    ISBN: 9789403507217, softcover, 220 pages
    €76 – £62 – $84

  • Cyber Law in Spain, 3rd edition
    By Pedro Letai, Josep M. Guerra
    ISBN: 9789403509556, softcover, 266 pages
    €85 – £70 – $94

  • Energy Law in Venezuela
    By Henry Jiménez Guanipa
    ISBN: 9789403507446, softcover, 256 pages
    €85 – £70 – $94

  • Insurance Law in Turkey, 2nd edition
    By Meltem Deniz Güner-Özbek
    ISBN: 9789403509624, softcover, 238 pages
    €76 – £62 – $84

  • International Medical Law
    By Mohammad Naseem, Saman Naseem
    ISBN: 9789403507941, softcover, 236 pages
    €76 – £62 – $84

  • Labour Law in Russia, 3rd edition
    By Zhanna Anatolyevna Gorbacheva
    ISBN: 9789403507644, softcover, 202 pages
    €76 – £62 – $84

  • Media Law in Bulgaria, 2nd edition
    By Boris E. Kolev, Tzvetelina Petkova
    ISBN: 9789403507842, softcover, 204 pages
    €76 – £62 – $84

  • Media Law in Croatia
    By Hrvoje Lisičar, Marko Turudić
    ISBN: 9789403507811, softcover, 156 pages
    €68 – £56 – $75

  • Medical Law in Belgium, 5th edition
    By Herman Nys
    ISBN: 9789403507910, softcover, 238 pages
    €76 – £62 – $84

  • Migration Law in Spain
    By Fernando Elorza Guerrero
    ISBN: 9789403508115, softcover, 198 pages
    €68 – £56 – $75

  • Religion and Law in Cyprus, 3rd edition
    By Achilles C. Emilianides
    ISBN: 9789403509723, softcover, 256 pages
    €85 – £70 – $94

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