Releases August 2019

This book is the fifth volume in the AIPPI Law Series, which has been established together with AIPPI, a non-affiliated, non-profit organization dedicated to improving and promoting the protection of intellectual property at both national and international levels. Structured in a country-by-country format, it provides practitioners with a comprehensive resource elucidating all aspects of the patenting of antibodies.

ISBN 9789403510736

August 2019, hardcover, 480 pages

Price € 174 – £ 154 – $ 205

With its insightful and thought-provocative, incisive perceptions put forward by distinguished aviation lawyers from all parts of the world, this book is without peer in its analysis of how the Chicago Convention affects international civil aviation and the operation and management of air services. Its multifaceted approach towards the current state of affairs from a legal and policy perspective will be welcomed by practitioners and law firms in the field and civil aviation authorities, as well as by academics and business persons with a stake in aviation. This book will thus serve the global community of aviation people.

ISBN 9789403511313

August 2019, hardcover, 504 pages

Price € 160 – £ 131 – $ 177

Investor dispute tribunals, as provided for in many bilateral and multilateral trade agreements, are suspected of intransparency, because proceedings are not public, of unequal treatment, because they give foreign investors a right of action where domestic investors would have none, and of undermining democracy, because they allow democratically enacted laws to be challenged with no possibility of appeal. In this important book – the first in-depth treatment of the interface between intellectual property rights and international dispute resolution – a number of prominent legal scholars and practitioners examine the extent to which challenges against domestic legislation based on an alleged direct or indirect expropriation of intellectual property rights may be justified.

ISBN 9789041190970

August 2019, hardcover, 288 pages

Price € 124 – £ 101 – $ 155

In addition to these practical issues, the book’s comparative approach will prove to be of great value. With its clear answers to questions about what transactions are subject to merger control, what criteria are used in assessing those transactions, and the main issues that a foreign company should be aware of while merging with another foreign company with effect in Turkey and/or EU, the book will be of immeasurable value for lawyers and their business clients dealing with multijurisdictional merger cases. Interested academics, students and policymakers will also find much here to attract their attention.

ISBN 9789403509341

August 2019, hardcover, 288 pages

Price € 127 – £ 104 – $ 140

By Anne Van de Vijver, Marc Fierstra, Julie Leroy, Paul-John Loewenthal, Alexandra Miladinovic, Bruno Peeters, Cees Peters, Daniel Smit, Paulina Szotek.

Representing, as it does, an important and concrete contribution to the intense debate about the interpretation of the notion of fiscal state aid, with different normative views about the goals and functions of control, this book will stimulate solutions in terms of legitimacy of fiscal state aid control that also take into consideration the most desirable functioning of the internal market. Proceeding more confidently through the maze of interpretations that govern the field of fiscal state, this book with many new insights would be an asset to the series and appealing to not only academics and practitioners in taxation and EU law but also national tax judges, tax authorities and practitioners.

ISBN 9789403514154

August 2019, hardcover, 248 pages

Price € 104 – £ 86 – $ 115

This book presents a meaningful reading of sustainable development within the energy field by privileging an integrated perspective. This book makes a substantial contribution to developing a framework aimed at linking potential divergent policy objectives in diverse and distinct interdependent fields. This book is a starting point for changing the future legal landscape in the field by offering a unique opportunity to rethink the reasons why energy and environmental law have developed in an uneasy and disconnected way. It will be welcomed by energy and environmental lawyers and policymakers, as well as by economists, scholars and other professionals concerned with the meaning of law and regulation in relation to energy, environment and development, and the possible roles law and regulation may play in a pressing scenario of change.

ISBN 9789403514611

August 2019, hardcover, 320 pages

Price € 113 – £ 93 – $ 125

The Yearbook provides both perspective and detailed analyses that will be welcomed by arbitration practitioners, counsel and judges deciding arbitration cases. It provides valuable insights for arbitration academics, in-house counsel at multinational companies and arbitral institutions worldwide.

ISBN 9789403506920

August 2019, hardcover, 200 pages

Price € 148 – £ 131 – $ 175

Because the efficient and effective functioning of third-party certifiers is extremely important in today’s world – especially in such areas as health, the environment, safety or economic values – this deeply researched contribution to an important area of commercial law, combining analysis of current issues with proposed reforms, will be welcomed by practitioners when confronted with legal issues with regard to the certification process. The book’s conceptual framework will also prove highly useful for policymakers charged with developing reliable certification mechanisms.

ISBN 9789403510910

August 2019, hardcover, 464 pages

Price € 135 – £ 111 – $ 149

The detailed analysis will be of immeasurable value to the various players, including international organizations, the business community and advisory firms, corporate CEOs and CFOs, and government officials as well as to tax lawyers, in-house counsel and academics in facilitating efficient dialogue and a coordinated approach to transfer pricing in the future.

ISBN 9789403512952

August 2019, hardcover, 296 pages

Price € 144 – £ 118 – $ 159

Addressing all the practical difficulties and problems encountered before and during an overseas construction project, this book will help in-house counsel for Chinese enterprises and those who interact with them improve management, reduces risks, and protect rights and interests. It will also serve as a general guide for international engineering contractors, given that the risks Chinese enterprises face in their overseas operations are shared by their international counterparts. International lawyers, scholars and researchers specializing in construction law, arbitrators, arbitral institutions and international project owners will find this book useful.

ISBN 9789403514406

August 2019, hardcover, 264 pages

Price € 159 – £ 141 – $ 188

More new titles

  • Commercial and Economic Law in the European Union, 2nd edition
    By Jules Stuyck
    ISBN: 9789403513331, softcover, 268 pages
    €85 – £75 – $100

  • Contract Law in South Africa, 6th edition
    By Louis Van Huyssteen, Catherine J. Maxwell
    ISBN: 9789403513348, softcover, 252 pages
    €85 – £75 – $100

  • Criminal Law in Denmark, 5th edition
    By Lars Bo Langsted, Peter Garde, Vagn Greve, Thomas Elholm
    ISBN: 9789403513355, softcover, 264 pages
    €85 – £75 – $100

  • Family and Succession Law in Greece, 3rd edition
    By Ismene Androulidakis-Dimitriadis, Elisabeth Poulou
    ISBN: 9789403516547, softcover, 205 pages
    €76 – £67 – $90

  • Intellectual Property Law in Switzerland, 4th edition
    By François Dessemontet
    ISBN: 9789403516714, softcover, 230 pages
    €76 – £67 – $90

  • Labour and Employment Compliance in Argentina, 7th edition
    By Julio César Stefanoni Zani, Enrique Alfredo Betemps
    ISBN: 9789403515045, softcover, 96 pages
    €60 – £53 – $71

  • Labour and Employment Compliance in Chile, 7th edition
    By Gerardo Otero A., Maria Dolores Echeverria F., Macarena Lopez M., María de los Ángeles Fernandez S.
    ISBN: 9789403515243, softcover, 88 pages
    €60 – £53 – $71

  • Labour and Employment Compliance in France, 7th edition
    By Pascale Lagesse
    ISBN: 9789403515342, softcover, 136 pages
    €60 – £53 – $71

  • Labour and Employment Compliance in India, 7th edition
    By Manishi Pathak
    ISBN: 9789403515441, softcover, 104 pages
    €60 – £53 – $71

  • Labour and Employment Compliance in Italy, 7th edition
    By Angelo Zambelli
    ISBN: 9789403515618, softcover, 112 pages
    €60 – £53 – $71

  • Labour and Employment Compliance in South Africa, 7th edition
    By Susan Stelzner, Stuart Harrison, Brian Patterson & Zahida Ebrahim
    ISBN: 9789403515847, softcover, 128 pages
    €60 – £53 – $71

  • Labour and Employment Compliance in Spain, 7th edition
    By Salvador del Rey, Ana Campos
    ISBN: 9789403515915, softcover, 112 pages
    €60 – £53 – $71

  • Labour Law in Iceland, 3rd edition
    By Elín Blöndal
    ISBN: 9789403509655, softcover, 146 pages
    €60 – £53 – $71

  • Labour Law in New Zealand, 3rd edition
    By Gordon Anderson
    ISBN: 9789403511641, softcover, 244 pages
    €76 – £67 – $90

  • Property and Trust Law in Finland, 2nd edition
    By Erkki J. Hollo
    ISBN: 9789403513454, softcover, 204 pages
    €76 – £67 – $90

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