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Updated June 2020

Although the ICAP process probably will undergo further adjustments, it is certain that the road to more international cooperation between tax authorities and MNEs is now open. This timely book, as a comparative review of the implementation of the ICAP among leading jurisdictions active in global trade, provides matchless insights into trends, similarities, differences and their implications. With country reports contributed by tax academics and professionals experienced in dealing with Co-operative Compliance and the ICAP, this book will be welcomed by all stakeholders in the international tax community, including lawyers, taxation authorities and academics.

ISBN 9789403519517

June 2020, hardcover

Price € 127 – £ 111 – $ 142

As the pressure and business case for companies to incorporate CSR into corporate governance is intensifying with each quarter, this book is intended as a reference tool for global business executives, in-house legal counsel, private practitioners and government officials seeking to discern the emerging legal parameters around these issues. This volume is an invaluable and pragmatic addition to the practitioners’ toolbox at this important juncture in an ever-more dynamic field designed to discuss each topic independently and to present a holistic survey of the scope of CSR issues, trends and impacts.

ISBN 9789403522227

June 2020, hardcover

Price € 224 – £ 197 – $ 250

The originality of the economic analysis of the arbitrator’s function will enable the interested parties, counsels and institutions worldwide to better understand and predict arbitrators’ behavior. Arbitrators, policymakers, regulators and academics will be empowered to pave the way for improved efficiency and betterment in arbitration globally.

ISBN 9789403522654

June 2020, hardcover

Price € 190 – £ 167 – $ 212

Keeping pace with the developments and trends in the series of legal issue, this book will prove to be a classic work in this topic. As human rights issues continue to arise in an intellectual property context, practitioners, academics, and policymakers in both fields will continue to recognize and use this well-established cornerstone work in the debate as a springboard to the future development of the ever more prominent interface of intellectual property and human rights.

ISBN 9789403513041

June 2020, hardcover

Price € 190 – £ 167 – $ 212

By Özgün Çelebi, Ali Cem Budak, Sait Güran, Adnan Güriz, Ergun Özbudun, R. Murat Önok, Feridun Yenisey, Mustafa Okan Yagci

By introducing the major areas of Turkish law, this concise guide is sure to continue providing interested parties with a speedy and reliable opening when dealing with Turkish legal matters and to pursue further research on specific legal matters. English-speaking legal practitioners and academics will welcome this ideal introduction to the basic institutions, principles and rules of Turkish law.

ISBN 9789403522609

June 2020, hardcover

Price € 193 – £ 169 – $ 215

Using an interdisciplinary approach, the author emphasizes the need to consider the various dimensions of sustainability together, not only the original environmental but also the economic and social dimensions. This book offers a real strategic leap for both legislators and social actors, in particular leading the way to avoiding a fracture of the generational pact that has held together modern societies. Although the book presents a profound academic contribution to the analysis of labour law realities and trends, it will also be welcomed by corporate lawyers, judges, human rights experts, trade unionists, business managers, entrepreneurs and consultants interested in the issues of labour, sustainable development and social rights.

ISBN 9789403520742

June 2020, hardcover

Price € 111 – £ 97 – $ 124

With a progressive perspective on leniency in light of the recent regulatory developments in EU and EEA competition law, this book offers cogent suggestions about how the shortcomings of the Commission’s leniency offer can be ameliorated and which regulatory steps should be taken to give the policy greater leverage. Its practical character will be recognised and welcomed by competition law practitioners and policymakers, who will strengthen their grasp of leniency procedure and discern implications for competition infringement cases.

ISBN 9789403517223

June 2020, hardcover

Price € 140 – £ 123 – $ 156

This book will help to understand the day-to-day, real-world deliberations in WTO negotiating fora on the mutually supportive relationship between international trade and environmental governance, and the triple win goal for trade, development, and the environment. It aims to target policy makers and negotiators in the areas of both trade and environment, students, and academics looking for an overview of discussions in the CTE, as well as theorists and experts in the field of global governance.

ISBN 9789403522029

June 2020, hardcover

Price € 136 – £ 120 – $ 152

More new titles

  • International Labour Law, 6th edition
    By Jean-Michel Servais
    ISBN: 9789403521206, softcover, 405 pages
    € 120 – £ 105 – $ 134

  • Competition Law in Argentina, 3rd edition
    By Marcelo den Toom
    ISBN: 9789403522852, softcover, 187 pages
    € 68 – £ 60 – $ 76

  • Competition Law in Montenegro
    By Mijat Jocović
    ISBN: 9789403522821, softcover, 129 pages
    € 60 – £ 53 – $ 67

  • Corporate Acquisitions and Mergers in the United States, 2nd edition
    By Vijay Sekhon
    ISBN: 9789403523408, softcover, 242 pages
    € 76 – £ 67 – $ 85

  • Environmental Law in India, 3rd edition
    By Mohammad Naseem, Saman Naseem
    ISBN: 9789403521251, softcover, 335 pages
    € 96 – £ 84 – $ 107

  • Media Law in New Zealand, 2nd edition
    By Ursula Cheer
    ISBN: 9789403523057, softcover, 291 pages
    € 85 – £ 75 – $ 95

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See the overview of titles published from 2018 onwards here

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See the overview of the forthcoming titles here



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