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In its thorough examination of legal tools that can respond to the “democratic deficit,” this book makes a distinctive contribution to the public debate on the future of the EU, especially in the context of emerging threats to further integration. It will prove to be of great value not only to civil activists, academics and policymakers but also to everyone interested in European integration and affordance for social participation.

ISBN 9789403512518

June 2019, hardcover, 416 pages

Price € 145 – £ 119 – $ 160

This book is the first of its kind to explore the organizational and legislative choices for biobanks particularly while engaging in the protection of research results and technology transfer within a publicly funded setting. It will be of substantial interest to all stakeholders in biobanking, especially policymakers, biobankers and researchers working in the field of health law as well as for legal practitioners, academics and patient interest groups providing insight on how IPRs pose challenges as well as offer the potential for genomic research particularly in the light of big-data-based research.

ISBN 9789403506210

June 2019, hardcover, 352 pages

Price € 172 – £ 141 – $ 190

This first comprehensive work in English on all aspects of Japanese patent law presents 66 cases with an expert explanatory commentary from academics, attorneys, judges and members of the Japanese Patent Office. This book deals with the whole range of Japanese patent law – requirements of patentability, inventorship and ownership issues, procedures before the Patent Office, scope of protection and interpretation of claims, enforcement and infringement procedures, patent term extensions, licensing and antitrust issues, utility models and more. Many of the cases appear in English for the first time.

ISBN 9789041194190

June 2019, hardcover, 744 pages

Price € 181 – £ 148 – $ 200

This book will prove to be of immeasurable practical value for SMEs discouraged by over-regulation designed for larger businesses and for those who find themselves in difficulties when they have to face the required process. The added value of this study will allow the academics to understand the main issues related to this topic and will provide for a steady basis for further research and analysis with regards to law and economics for SMEs. Furthermore, it will also be warmly welcomed by practitioners in the area of SME financing and will be useful to support them in the selection of the most appropriate tools for their clients. Banks and interested EU officials will also value its clear and straightforward approach to the subject.

ISBN 9789403501611

June 2019, hardcover, 264 pages

Price € 122 – £ 100 – $ 135

With its detailed attention to the concept and legal nature of HFIs and double non-taxation, and critical and comprehensive analysis of the linking rules developed by the OECD and the EU, this provocative book allows to reconsider the legality of these linking rules and will quickly become a much-used problem-solving resource for policymakers, tax practitioners, tax authorities and tax academics. This book allows to rethink whether linking rules relate to a solution or create actual legal issues. This book will be an important practical guide in double non-taxation that will benefit practitioners, academics and officials.

ISBN 9789403510743

June 2019, hardcover, 384 pages

Price € 159 – £ 130 – $ 175

More new titles

  • Civil Procedure in the Czech Republic, Second edition
    By Alena Macková
    ISBN: 9789403509457, softcover, 118 pages
    €60 – £49 – $66

  • Commercial and Economic Law in Hungary
    By János Bóka, Katalin Gombos, Tekla Papp, András József Pomeisl
    ISBN: 9789403513225, softcover, 270 pages
    €85 – £70 – $94

  • Commercial and Economic Law in Sweden, Third edition
    By Annina H. Persson
    ISBN: 9789403509525, softcover, 136 pages
    €60 – £49 – $66

  • Corporate Acquisitions and Mergers in Hong Kong, Third edition
    By Virginia Tamn
    ISBN: 9789403513515, softcover, 86 pages
    €55 – £45 – $61

  • Council of Europe (CoE), Third edition
    By Tanja E.J. Kleinsorge
    ISBN: 9789403513423, softcover, 258 pages
    €85 – £70 – $94

  • Cyber Law in Hong Kong, Third edition
    By Yun Zhao
    ISBN: 9789403509600, softcover, 174 pages
    €68 – £56 – $75

  • Family and Succession Law in Portugal, Second edition
    By Guilherme de Oliveira, Paula Távora Vítor
    ISBN: 9789403513416, softcover, 238 pages
    €76 – £62 – $84

  • Media Law in Ethiopia
    By Berihun Adugna Gebeye, Shimels Sisay Belete
    ISBN: 9789403513300, softcover, 134 pages
    €60 – £49 – $66

  • Media Law in Malaysia
    By Farid Sufian Shuaib
    ISBN: 9789403513317, softcover, 84 pages
    €55 – £45 – $61

  • Property and Trust Law in Spain, Third edition
    By Rafael Sánchez Aristi, Nieves Moralejo Imbernón
    ISBN: 9789403513447, softcover, 172 pages
    €68 – £56 – $75

  • Social Security Law in the United Kingdom, Third edition
    By Stephen Hardy
    ISBN: 9789403511634, softcover, 276 pages
    €85 – £70 – $94

  • Sports Law in Spain, Second edition
    By Juan de Dios Crespo Pérez
    ISBN: 9789403513508, softcover, 200 pages
    €68 – £56 – $75

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See the overview of the forthcoming titles here

See the overview of the forthcoming titles here


ISSN 0927-3379
Board of Editors: Niels van Antwerpen, John Balfour, Berend J.H. Crans, Regula Dettling-Ott, Peter van Fenema, Mark Franklin, Brian F. Havel, Tanja Masson-Zwaan, Pablo Mendes de Leon, Onno Rijdsijk, Lesley Jane Smith, George N. Tompkins Jr. jr.

Crossing all international and cultural lines – and presenting government, commercial and theoretical perspectives Air and Space Law provides lawyers, policymakers and businesspeople in the aviation and aerospace fields with penetrating articles that discuss and clarify such crucial issues as

  • aircraft accident investigation and liability legislation
  • air traffic control and related issues like congestion and environmental problems
  • multilateral conventions and EU law relating to matters such as traffic rights and access to airports
  • competition law
  • state aid
  • strategic alliances between airlines, airports, and aerospace manufacturers
  • security, credit and leasing interests involved in aircraft and aircraft engine transactions
  • initiatives and new technologies in the aviation and aerospace industries, and
  • the commercialization of space enterprise
Air and Space Law is also the first place to look for texts and in-depth commentary on important new and model legal instruments, summaries of important cases, conference reports, and news from international aviation and space organizations.

Regular features include news of the EU Competition Aviation Scene, a Case Law Digest, and book reviews. The journal’s annual bibliography on air law is the most complete available.

ISSN 1010-9153
Editor: Matthias Scherer

An official quarterly journal of Association Suisse de l’Arbitrage

The ASA Bulletin has carved a unique niche for its detailed focus on arbitration case law and practice worldwide as well as for its judicious selection of scholarly and practical writing in the field. Regular contents includes:

  • articles
  • leading cases of the Swiss Federal Tribunal
  • relevant leading cases of other Swiss courts
  • arbitral awards and acts of procedure rendered both in ad hoc
Each case and article is published in its original language with a comprehensive head note in English, French and German.

ISSN 1469-6487
General Editors: Romesh Weeramantry; John Choong
Consulting and Technical Editor: Robert Morgan
Editorial advisory board: Lijun Cao; Henry Chen; Michael Hwang SC; Neil Kaplan CBE QC SBS; Gabrielle Kaufmann-Kohler; Julien Lew QC; Michael Moser; Yoshimi Ohara; Hi-Taek Shin
Supervisory board: Peter Caldwell (Supervisory Board Chairman); Paul Barrett (Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, East Asia Branch); Vod K S Chan (Hong Kong Mediation Council); Sarah Grimmer (Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre); Paul Varty (Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators)

Online only
Asian Dispute Review is a quarterly journal, sponsored by Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre, the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (East Asia Branch), the Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators and the Hong Kong Mediation Council. Each edition of the journal generally comprises 8 papers, a news section and a book review, all with a focus on arbitration, mediation and other forms of ADR. The content is written in a style easily understood by lay readers, with substantive law content limited unless it aids the understanding of the arbitration/ADR content.

Issues of Asian Dispute Review are available early January, April, July and October of each quarter. The journal’s readers are mostly lawyers, legal consultants, arbitrators, mediators and other ADR neutrals, academics and people from all trades and professions who are interested in private dispute resolution. The journal’s geographical distribution ranges from Hong Kong and other areas of Asia to Europe and America. The circulation is 7,500 copies worldwide.

ISSN 1574-3330
General Editors: Michael Pryles, Philip Chan

The Asian International Arbitration Journal is the first journal to provide high level commentary applicable to arbitration throughout Asia. Published in collaboration with the Singapore International Arbitration Centre and backed by a panel of distinguished and uniquely Asian-focused advisers, the Asian International Arbitration Journal offers independent, neutral and reliable coverage.

Published twice a year the Asian International Arbitration Journal delivers ‘how-to’ guidance (What should you be aware of? How do you enforce arbitration decisions? How do you ensure compliance?) directly applicable to arbitration practice. This practice-based publication will guide you through the maze of different arbitral institutions, regulatory changes and increasing body of case law and awards in Asia.

ISSN 2352-7390
General Editor: Nassib Ziadé

The BCDR International Arbitration Review, written in both English and Arabic, is intended to help increase awareness of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms and arbitration in the Arab world, and to provide the outside world with a perspective on related developments occurring in the region. In addition, it provides a forum for practitioners and academics from and for the Arab world to comment on international arbitration.

Each issue will feature:

  • Thought-provoking articles by leading practitioners and academics
  • Insightful case law from the region
  • Important legislative and procedural documents
Each issue will of focus on a specific theme or topic that is both timely and of particular interest to the Arab region.

Upcoming topics include:
  • The Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards in the Arab Region
  • Women’s Voices in International Arbitration
Subscribers will receive a complete and comprehensive insight into the Arab or international practice of a specific topic.

ISSN 2593-0877
Editors: Jean-François Tossens, Annet van Hooft

b-Arbitra, the Belgian journal for arbitration, is an initiative of CEPANI, the Belgian Center of Arbitration and Mediation. The biannual journal is unique in that it welcomes contributions in English, as well as in Belgium’s official languages Dutch, French and German. Each of these articles is accompanied by a summary in the English language.

b-Arbitra subscribes to the objective of CEPANI to promote edifying debate and in-depth research in the field of arbitration, to provide a valuable source of pertinent information to lawyers involved in arbitration, and to bring new developments to policy makers’ attention in order to further the quality of arbitration law and practice. It promotes dialogue on novel issues in the field of arbitration and aims to provide a dynamic forum for the exchange of information on a European scale, in light of the increasing number of cross-border disputes and the internationalization of arbitration.

ISSN 0143-6295
Editor-in-Chief: Alan Wells

A highly respected journal, Business Law Review offers through coverage of all significant issues and developments primarily in UK business law. Business Law Review also keeps readers fully informed of the latest news and legal opinions in the European and international business environments. Every two months Business Law Review offers readers:

  • Analytical articles on topics of current importance, written by experts in the field
  • Current Comment on specific areas of business law
  • Infobank – a compact guide to the month’s legal news, providing concise reports of recent developments in UK business law, arranged by subject and fully referenced
  • International Corner – an occasional international service providing coverage of commercial law in foreign jurisdictions
  • Reviews of the latest publications in areas of business law
  • In Parliament – an overview of recent and forthcoming legislation in the UK
  • In Court – a review of recent case law in the UK
This journal’s wide range of topical coverage includes: banking, commercial property, company law, competition law, consumer credit and protection, contracts, data protection, employment, finance and financial services, insider dealing, insurance, intellectual property, media law, privatization, public sector, takeover and mergers, taxation, transport and value added tax.

ISSN 0165-0750
Editors: Thomas Ackermann, Loïc Azoulai, Marise Cremona, Michael Dougan, Christophe Hillion, Niamh Nic Shuibhne, Wulf-Henning Roth, Ben Smulders, Stefaan van den Bogaert

The Common Market Law Review has provided a forum for the keenest legal minds in the field of European Union law for over 50 years.
Because of the international composition of its Editorial Board, and in view of the fact that it is able to attract contributions from all over the world, the Review is able to adopt a unique approach to capitalize European Union issues.

Each issue contains articles dealing with matters of current interest; the authoritative treatment given to each topic ensures lasting juridical value. This pre-eminent journal brings you detailed, in-depth examination of the most pressing and far-reaching issues on European Union Law such as:

  • EMU and euro crisis
  • State aid policy and practice
  • Internal market
  • Protection of fundamental rights
  • The EU/WTO relationship
  • Telecommunications and E-commerce
  • European consumer protection
  • European Union Law in National Courts
Six times a year, subscribers receive vital information and analysis on trends and developments. The Review’s easy-to-use format includes penetrating articles by outstanding practitioners and academics; annotations of cases from the European Court of Justice, as well as relevant cases from National courts, the WTO, the European Court of Human Rights, and other tribunals addressing European Union Law; book reviews; and a comprehensive bibliographical survey of pertinent literature.

Ranked # 6 in the Top journals on International Law

Ranked # 1 in the Top journals on European Law

Winner of the BIALL Legal Journals Award 2010

ISSN 0928-2750
Editor: Ben J. Kiekebeld

Published 6 times a year, EC Tax Review features the following:

  • It is the only journal exclusively dedicated to European Community (EU) tax developments, the harmonization of taxation in the EU, and the implementation of EC tax laws into national legislation making it essential for your department.
  • It provides detailed coverage of direct tax, indirect tax, and social security from the legal as well as the economic angle, ensuring all developments in all areas are covered
  • It is a selective reference source of cases of the European Court of justice and relevant national EC tax cases saving you time and money
  • It offers unbiased coverage of major developments, always ensuring an impartial viewpoint
  • It is a valuable reference source for tax-related literature in the various EU countries
  • It has a board of editors of high standing to ensure consistency and quality
  • Comprehensive sections comprising Editorial, Articles and Forum section
For these reasons EC Tax Review has proven itself to be a worthy companion to all tax practitioners needing to know how EU tax legislation affects their domestic tax regime and how best to plan for the inevitable changes. And let’s face it, these days that is a given.

ISSN 0959-6941
General Editors: Guido Alpa, Mads Andenas

European Business Law Review offers you authoritative analysis on a wide range of issues and developments in European business law. With contributors providing an international as well as a European perspective, the Review proves an invaluable source of current debate, information, practical analysis, and expert guidance for all practising lawyers, advisers, and scholars dealing with European business law on a regular basis.
Every issue of European Business Law Review includes:

  • Analytical articles offering incisive investigations and practical analysis of topics of current importance
  • Country reports highlighting key issues from different European countries
  • Eurobrief, containing concise summaries of the latest European Community Directives, as reported in the Official Journal, and details of relevant communications from key European institutions
  • Case notes on important recent cases from the European Court of Justice, the Court of First Instance and various national courts
  • Reviews of the latest literature on areas of European business law

ISSN 1572-4999
Main Editor: Steef Bartman

European Company Law has been designed to be the ideal working tool for all corporate lawyers with a European practice. You’ll find it a time saving way of keeping-up-to-date with all the issues affecting European company law.

ECL’s Editorial Board, advised by partners from large European law firms, has a thorough understanding of the needs of the legal practitioner. For your convenience all articles have been written to follow ECL’s SCIP principle: Scientific, Concise, Informative and Practical. Also, to aid your research, many articles include hyperlinks to websites where more information about the topic can be downloaded.

As a subscriber you will enjoy:

  • Authoritative articles providing you with analysis of the latest issues affecting European company and securities law
  • Time saving country reports, written by leading academics you can depend on, offering you an at-a-glance overview of recent and forthcoming developments in major European jurisdictions
  • A quick and easy to use reference of cases and legislation, ensuring that you are up-to-date with EU legislation and ECJ cases
  • An essential update from the International Bar Association Corporate Counsel Forum and European Company Lawyers Association providing useful information on their pending and future activities in the field of European Corporate Law

ISSN 0966-1646
Editors: Kurt Deketelaere, Zen Makuch

European Energy and Environmental Law Review is an established bimonthly journal which presents comprehensive coverage of the latest developments in energy and environmental law throughout Europe. In addition to this, the journal contains concise, accessible articles which explore and analyse significant issues and developments in energy and environmental law and practice throughout Europe.

The Review also includes details of forthcoming environmental conferences and provides the reader with informative book reviews covering the latest literature on environmental law and policy.

European Energy and Environmental Law Review enables the reader to keep abreast of significant and topical aspects of energy and environmental law, including the legal issues relating to:

  • renewables
  • energy security
  • energy efficiency
  • energy competition law
  • energy liberalisation process
  • electricity and gas markets
  • climate change
  • sustainable energy
  • land, air
  • fresh water
  • oceans
  • noise
  • waste management
  • dangerous substances
  • nature conservation
Its succinct, practical style makes it ideal for the busy professional, while authority, scope and topicality of its coverage make it an invaluable research tool.

ISSN 1384-6299
Editors: Jörg Monar, Nanette Neuwahl

The European Foreign Affairs Review considers the external posture of the European Union in its relations with the rest of the world. Therefore, the Review will focus on the political, legal and economic aspects of the Union’s external relations.

The Review will function as an interdisciplinary medium for the understanding and analysis of foreign affairs issues which are of relevance to the European Union and its Member States on the one hand and its international partners on the other.

The Review aims at meeting the needs of both the academic and the practitioner (government officials throughout the world dealing with EU matters, parliamentarians, EU officials, officials of international organizations, executives of multinational corporations, specialized journalists and policy-makers in general). In doing so the Review will provide a public forum for the discussion and development of European external policy interests and strategies, addressing issues from the points of view of political science and policy-making, law or economics. These issues will be discussed by authors drawn from around the world while maintaining a European focus.

ISSN 1354-3725
Editor-in-Chief: Patrick J. Birkinshaw

European Public Law is an English language journal edited at the Institute of European Public Law at the Law School, Hull University. A forum for the discussion of issues in the development of public law, the journal traces the public law of the Member States as it is shaped by the law of the European Union as well as by the Council of Europe’s European Convention on Human Rights.

Without neglecting the more traditional concerns of constitutional and administrative law, the journal explores the emerging constitution of the European Union and the interplay between law and politics. It is concerned with the identification, examination and control of public power as public and private become ever more intertwined.

Public law is given a wide interpretation, including the structure of government, judicial review, the conduct of regulatory bodies, redress of grievance through ombudsmen and administrative bodies, protection of human rights and protection against discrimination, openness and transparency, fiscal and monetary policy, and the role of regulation in the contemporary state and the European Union.

ISSN 0928-9801
Editors: E.H. Hondius, M.L. Storme

European Review of Private Law discusses the great practical as well as academic importance of national private laws in an integrating Europe, in the face of the current overwhelming emphasis placed on European Union Law.

Cross-border research will become increasingly important as cross-border legal work develops. Hence the need for a law review which focuses on legal developments within a broad European perspective, and which provides a platform for debate on the desirability of a unified private law in Europe, as a complement to economic, monetary and political union.

By providing accessible and comparative surveys of legal developments in a number of countries, with summaries of articles and case notes in French, German and English, the Review provides a valuable source of information for lawyers wishing to look for new ideas with which to encourage their courts to innovate in private law.

The European Review of Private Law aims to provide a forum which facilitates the development of European Private Law. It publishes work of interest to academics and practitioners across European boundaries.

ISSN 1569-755X
Editor-in-Chief: Jeffrey L. Snyder

Global Trade and Customs Journal Provides you with new ideas, fresh insights, and expert views on critical practical issues affecting international trade and customs compliance. Written for practitioners by practitioners, the journal offers you reliable guidance and actionable advice to ensure that you are able to protect your clients or organisation from developments that could adversely affect their interests.
With a subscription to Global Trade and Customs Journal you will be able to:

  • Stay up-to-date with today’s rules and regulations and one step ahead of tomorrow’s trends
  • Develop successful compliance programs and cost-effective business processes
  • Identify compliance opportunities and the do’s and don’ts of taking advantage of these benefits

ISSN 0952-617X
Editor-in-Chief: Guy Davidovr; Managing Editors: William Bromwich, Olga Rymkevich

Published four times a year, the International Journal of Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations has become established as the major English language publication in its field.

The Journal publishes original articles in the domains of labour law and industrial relations – interpreted broadly and dynamically – and aims to deal with countries from all over the world. Articles cover comparative and international (or regional) analysis of topical issues, major developments and innovative practices, as well as discussions of theoretical and methodological approaches. The Journal adopts a double-blind peer review process. A distinguished editorial team, with the support of an International Advisory Board of eminent scholars from around the world, ensures a continuing high standard of scientific research dealing with a range of important issues.

As a result, the Journal is an essential source of information and analysis for labour lawyers, judges, policymakers, personnel specialists, international law firms, trade unions, multinational organisations, academics and libraries.

ISSN 0165-2826
Editor-in-Chief: Fred C. de Hosson

(includes EC Tax Review)
Nowhere is the complex field of international taxation better served than in the well-established journal Intertax. For more than four decades it has provided 12 issues a year of practical, up-to-date, high-level international tax information. Among the many features it offers in elucidation of transnational tax issues are the following:

  • contributions from a global network of tax experts
  • articles with essential information on both direct and indirect taxation in countries around the world
  • reports on multinational tax developments emanating from organisations such as the WTO, the OECD, the United Nations, and the EC
  • special regional coverage features – such as EC Tax Scene, US Tax Scene, and China Tax Scene – that offer concise overviews of the latest tax news in these areas, and
  • special issues focusing on subjects of particular interest, such as abuse of law
Subscribing to Intertax automatically entitles the purchaser to receive EC Tax Review at no additional cost.

ISSN 2364-4710
Editors: Prof. Dr. Christoph Busch, Osnabrück, Dr. Alberto De Franceschi, Ferrara, Ronny Domröse, Frankfurt (Oder)

(online only)
The Journal of European Consumer and Market Law (EuCML) takes a fresh perspective at consumer law and puts the topic into the context of market order and market integration in Europe. The journal provides relevant information for practitioners in law firms, courts, undertakings, associations, administrative authorities and academics. The journal contains double-blind peer-reviewed articles, and shorter comment and analysis as well as the new ‘EuCML Reports’ from national correspondents.

ISSN 0255-8106
General Editor: Michael Moser

Since its 1984 launch, the Journal of International Arbitration has established itself as a thought-provoking, groundbreaking journal aimed at the specific requirements of those involved in international arbitration. The journal’s worldwide coverage ensures regular reporting on regional trends. The journal brings you in-depth examination on the most current issues in international arbitration such as:

  • Investment Treaty Arbitration
  • The UNCITRAL Model Law and Award
  • International Arbitration Proceedings
  • Third-Party Funding
  • Enforcement of Arbitral Awards
  • Fair and Equitable Treatment Provisions in Investment Treaty Law
  • Confidentiality in International Arbitration
  • The 2012 ICC Rules of Arbitration
  • The New York Convention
  • The New CIETAC Arbitration Rules of 2012
The new Notes and Current Developments section contains concise and critical commentary on new developments.

ISSN 1011-6702
Editor-in-Chief: Edwin Vermulst

Far and away the most thought-provoking and informative journal in its field, the Journal of World Trade sets the agenda for both scholarship and policy initiatives in this most critical area of international relations.

With penetrating, in-depth analysis, the journal examines the relationship between the separate and interconnected regional and global integration processes stemming from today’s challenging multilateral trading structure. The operation of the North American Free Trade Agreement, the expansion of the European integration process, and especially the ongoing development of the World Trade organization have each raised complex questions that cut across many disciplines: economic, political, social and legal.

Scholars, government officials, lawyers and negotiators turn to the Journal of World Trade when they seek to expose ground-breaking theses, to make important policy statements or to offer in-depth analysis and discussion of delicate trade issues.

ISSN 1566-6573
Managing Editor: James Mathis

Legal Issues of Economic Integration publishes thought-provoking articles, case-notes and book reviews on European and international economic integration. The journal includes contributions from regarded academics, practitioners, and legal representatives of international economic organizations, as well as selected ECJ and WTO case notes from the Amsterdam Law School postgraduate courses.

The journal provides a discussion of the legal choices that are raised by the process of economic liberalisation. It compares European and other regional systems, and draws the developments into the larger framework of the World Trade Organisation and other international bodies.

ISSN 1806-809X
Director João Bosco Lee, Editor-in-Chief Daniel de Andrade Levy and Secretary-General Ricardo de Carvalho Aprigliano

Revista Brasileira de Arbitragem is a quarterly journal established in 2003 covering national and international arbitration as practiced in Brazil or seen from a Brazilian or South American perspective.
Features and Benefits include:

  • Quickly discover the latest developments – “Carta do Editor” introduction allows a at a glance insight into the contents of an issue and the significance of the selections made
  • Easy to access – English abstracts of all articles and English headnotes to all case law will make it easy to navigate Brazilian content. Expert indexes facilitate quick searches
  • Develop deep insight – leading articles by internationally renowned specialists will provide commentary on the important developments
  • Comprehensive case law and legislation coverage ensures that you are fully up to date with changes in national and international arbitration as practised in Brazil or seen form a Brazilian or South American perspective
  • Gain full understanding with the interesting and novel section on the historical implications of selected key awards and court cases
Revista Brasileira de Arbitragem is the essential journal for the study of arbitration in Brazil.

ISSN 1011-4548
Editor-in-Chief: José Rivas

Now in its 40th year of publication World Competition keeps its readers at the forefront of trends and events in international antitrust law and economics by consistently presenting world-class contributions from today’s leading authorities. Published four times each year, this journal is truly global in terms of coverage, authorship, and readership. It offers you unsurpassed reporting on:

  • Unfair Commercial Practices
  • Market Dominance and Oligopoly
  • State Aid Control
  • Antitrust provisions
  • Anti-competitive agreements
World Competition also serves as a lively forum for debate on controversial issues, such as collective dominance, private enforcement of antitrust laws, tying, and the implementation of a system of international competition.

ISSN 1022-6583
Editor: Roger Alford

This journal publishes the texts of all of the most important current documents relating to international trade not readily available elsewhere. It also includes a selection of essential current documents relating to international arbitration as a means of settling international business disputes. The journal provides arbitral awards, news of adhesion to international conventions, court decisions, statutes, reports from official authorities, arbitration rules, and news of arbitration centres and associations.
Subjects covered include:

  • anti-dumping and unfair trade practices decisions
  • pending legislation and new statutes
  • policy statements, position papers, proposals, and reports concerning trade negotiations
  • new arbitration rules and news of arbitration centres
  • reports of trade dispute settlement panels
  • arbitral awards and court decisions
Its coverage and currency make World Trade and Arbitration Materials an indispensable tool for those working in the fields of arbitration and trade, especially those involved in research in these areas.


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