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Focusing primarily on how the Arbitration Rules are applied in practice, this book should first be read as a practitioner’s guide. This book is sure to appeal to arbitrators, external counsel and party representatives who choose to adopt the SCC Arbitration Rules, whether they are based in Sweden or elsewhere. Practitioners will confidently approach any case under the SCC Arbitration Rules with full awareness of applicable rules of procedure and practice.

ISBN 9789041140401

December 2019, hardcover

Price € 150 – £ 123 – $ 166

Since the publication of the first edition in 1997, this fourth edition will be a classic source of information and analysis for students, professors, researchers, tax practitioners and tax policy officials on the different ways that countries design their income tax systems. This book with fresh insights and perspectives will be widely welcomed by the international tax community.

ISBN 9789403509327

December 2019, hardcover

Price € 137 – £ 121 – $ 161

Given the increasing number of disputes and the scarce resources available, this essential guide with its cross-border perspective will prove invaluable to practitioners and academics in the field of construction law and dispute resolution. Rather than being a narrowly structured multijurisdictional guide or a comparative study, the book is a practical compendium about resolving construction disputes in the region and is a must read for any practitioner in Central and Eastern Europe.

ISBN 9789403503318

December 2019, hardcover

Price € 167 – £ 148 – $ 197

By Régis Bismuth, Marise Cremona, Justine Fassion, Jonas Juul Henriksen, Hartmut Krause, Nikos Lavranos, Eliza Malathouni, Maria Martin-Prat, James Mendenhall, Bregt Natens, Anders Neergaard, Eva Rytter Sunesen, Marietje Schaake, Manfred Schekulin, Stephan Schill, Riana Terney, Erik van der Marel.

Companies engaged in FDI or financial services will appreciate the detailed analysis of issues raised by this new EU policy instrument. This book is supposed to improve the practitioners’ understanding of the EU regulatory layer now coming on top of FDI screening at the Member State level. Practitioners active in competition law, particularly mergers and acquisitions, will welcome this clear commentary and analysis of a crucial component of EU policy in the related areas of trade and investment, and policymakers will be encouraged to consider whether further regulatory changes are called for.

ISBN 9789403518831

December 2019, hardcover

Price € 119 – £ 105 – $ 140

What is it about international arbitration that makes it so open to evolution and adaptation? What are the main pressure points today and the unmet needs of stakeholders? What are the opportunities for expansion to new sectors and new audiences? What are the drivers for change, the obstacles and the risks? And equally important, what are the core principles that should never be lost? These were the topics of the Twenty-Fourth ICCA Congress, held in Sydney, Australia, in April 2018, the proceedings of which are collected in this volume.

ISBN 9789403520414

December 2019, hardcover

Price € 225 – £ 199 – $ 265

REITs are inherently complex, and their interplay with tax treaties further compounds the complexity. As a work that is updated regularly, this book helps investors, lawmakers and finance authorities to continuously monitor the evolution of the market and regulatory framework and thereby expand their knowledge of the REIT regimes that are undergoing constant change. Thus, this highly accessible yet authoritative work serves as the perfect decision-making tool for any professional looking for guidance on the challenges and opportunities REITs engender.

ISBN 9789403517650

December 2019, hardcover

Price € 136 – £ 120 – $ 161

Because agreements concerning oil and gas upstream activities have historically been developed in common law jurisdictions, a growing concern for the petroleum industry is that a some upstream investment might not be enforceable in a civil law jurisdiction to the extent the same standards/concepts are used without any adaptation. This is why it is essential to understand and analyse how to implement a Joint Operating Agreement in civil law countries.

ISBN 9789403506647

December 2019, hardcover

Price € 145 – £ 118 – $ 160

As a comprehensive description of the state of knowledge about STZs, including the relevant background and their current place in EU law, this book has neither precedents nor peers. It allows practitioners, policymakers, and academics in tax law to understand completely the relationship between EU law and national legislation in the context of STZs, focusing on the possibility of reconciling the tax sovereignty of the Member States with a supporting and coordinating role of the EU institutions. It will be warmly welcomed by the tax law community.

ISBN 9789403518855

December 2019, hardcover

Price € 127 – £ 112 – $ 149

With its definitive analysis of such crucial matters as the decentralization of collective bargaining and how individual employment contracts can deviate from collective agreements and statutory law, and its comparison of representative national labour law systems, this highly informative book will prove to be of inestimable value to all professionals concerned with employment relations, labour disputes, or labour market policy, especially in the context of multinational workforces. Contributing to a deeper understanding of labour regulation in the different corners of the planet, this book will help readers to understand the labour regulation of the examined countries.

ISBN 9789403502847

December 2019, hardcover

Price € 140 – £ 115 – $ 155

The book Visser’s Annotated European Patent Convention is a commentary on the European Patent Convention and a bestseller in European patent law. Each year a new, updated edition of the book is published and available in paperback form.

The 2019 edition of this preeminent work – the only regularly updated authoritative article-by-article commentary in English on the European Patent Convention (EPC), its implementing regulations, and associated case law – provides the complete text of the 2000 Convention annotated with commentary and expert guidance on the interpretation of each paragraph. Since its first edition in 1994 it has provided the European patent community with the necessary insights to practice successfully before the European Patent Office. The EPO recommends the Visser’s Annotated European Patent Convention as the first book in its list of non-EPO/WIPO literature to be used for the preparation of the European qualifying examination.

ISBN 9789403518848

December 2019, softcover

Price € 105 – £ 93 – $ 123

The Yearbook is edited by the International Council for Commercial Arbitration (ICCA), the world’s leading organization representing practitioners and academics in the field, under the general editorship of Prof. Dr. Stephan W. Schill and with the assistance of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, The Hague. It is an essential tool for lawyers, business people and scholars involved in the practice and study of international arbitration.

ISBN 9789403520339

December 2019, hardcover

Price € 335 – £ 296 – $ 395

More new titles

  • Constitutional Law in Bulgaria
    By Martin Belov
    ISBN: 9789403517353, softcover, 258 pages
    €85 – £75 – $100

  • Constitutional Law in Hong Kong, 3rd edition
    By Anton Cooray
    ISBN: 9789403517711, softcover, 394 pages
    €107 – £95 – $126

  • Labour Law in Norway, 5th edition
    By Henning Jakhelln, Kristine Fremstad Moen, Mårten Brandsnes Faret
    ISBN: 9789403516745, softcover, 475 pages
    €120 – £106 – $142

  • Private International Law in Japan, Second Edition
    By Jun Yokoyama
    ISBN: 9789403519425, softcover, 191 pages
    €68 – £60 – $80

  • Social Security Law in Czech Republic
    By Kristina Koldinská & Roman Lang
    ISBN: 9789403518756, softcover, 187 pages
    €68 – £60 – $80

  • Sports Law in Slovakia, 2nd edition
    By Tomáš Gábriš
    ISBN: 9789403517445, softcover, 248 pages
    €76 – £67 – $90

  • Sports Law in Trinidad and Tobago
    By J. Tyrone Marcus
    ISBN: 9789403520322, softcover, 181 pages
    €68 – £60 – $80

  • Transport Law in Norway, 2nd edition
    By Hans Jacob Bull, Thor Falkanger
    ISBN: 9789403517452, softcover, 221 pages
    €76 – £67 – $90

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