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Kluwer International Tax Law is a new, online global information service for international tax professionals. It provides you with quick and easy access to the latest tax planning and compliance information, ensuring you have all the data you need to hand.

Written by international tax experts, this service comprises six packages, dealing with different areas of tax law. You can subscribe to any individual package, a combination, or all of them. Plus, you can add extra value with a number of ‘add-ons’.

New- Chinese Court Decision Summaries on Arbitration- in English
This new body of cases (currently 126 summaries of Chinese court) edited by WunschARB, enables you to understand the arbitration environment in China and whether it makes sense to choose arbitration as a dispute resolution means. This new content is unique and is unavailable elsewhere.

Each Summary gives an overview of The Contract and the Dispute, Arbitration Proceedings, Initiation of Court Proceedings and Position of the Parties, Court Analysis, Decision of the Court and Commentary.
This essential resource for the IP professional will provide you with access to the full service offered by Kluwer IP law so that you can navigate the increasing gobal practice of IP law with specialised, local and cross-border information and tools. Kluwer IP Law offers exceptional value for money in that you can select the content that you need to suit your practice area, and budget.

Kluwer Mediation Blog 
In addition to posts from its distinguished Editors, Nadja Alexander and Bill Marsh, you can also enjoy comment and opinion from its team of regular contributors from across Europe, North and South America, Australasia and Africa. Monthly bloggers include: Jeffrey Krivis, First Mediation Corporation; Joel Lee, National University of Singapore; Diane Levin, Diane Levin LLC; Geoff Sharp, Sharp Commercial Mediation; and Machtel Pel, Pel Mediation. Join the discussion at Kluwer Mediation Blog.

Kluwer Copyright Blog 
Our KluwerCopyright Blog is set to become one of the leading discussion forums for Copyright Professionals. In addition to the managing editors: Lucie Guibault and Bernt Hugenholtz of the Institute for Information Law (IViR) in Amsterdam, distinguished contributors to the blog include: Philippe Laurent of the Research Center on IT and Law in Namur, Catherine Jasserand of the Institute for Information Law (IViR) in Amsterdam, Francesco Spreafico of Dewey and LeBoeuf LLP, Johan Axhamn of the Faculty of Law, Stockholm University,Till Kreutzer of the Büro für Informationstrechtliche Expertise in Berlin, Tomasz Targosz of the Institute of Intellectual Property Law, Jagiellonian University Kraków, Tatiana Sinodinou, Guido Westkamp of the Centre for Commercial Law Studies at Queen Mary, University of London. Join the discussion at KluwerCopyright Blog.

Kluwer Competition Law Blog
Providing thought-provoking posts on significant cases, legislation, the latest policy developments and forthcoming events from a panel of leading practitioners, academics and economists. KluwerCompetitionLaw Blog.

Our Kluwer Patent Blog has become one of the leading discussion Forum for patent attorneys. In addition to the managing editors: Brian Cordery of Bristows and Peter Burgers of Brinkhof, distinguished contributors to the blog include: Daniela Ampollini of Trevisan & Cuonzo, Miquel Montañá of Clifford Chance, Thomas Musmann of Rospatt Osten Pross, Kristof Roox of Croswell & Moring, Anders Valentin of Horten, Pierre Véron of Véron & Associés and Derk Visser of EIP.
Join the discussion at

International Encyclopaedia of Laws online. Comprehensive country reports on:

- Civil Procedure
- Commercial And Economic Law
- Competition Law
- Constitutional Law
- Contracts
- Corporations and Partnerships-
- Criminal Law-
- Cyber Law-
- Energy Law
- Environmental Law
- Family and Succession
- Insurance Law
- Intellectual Property
- Intergovernmental Organizations
- Labour Law
- Media Law
- Medical Law
- Migration Law
Private International Law
- Property and Trust Law
- Religion
- Social Security Law
- Sports Law
- Tort Law
- Transport Law

Also available online at

Company and Business Legislation of the Netherlands
- Comparative Law of Monopolies
- Corporate Acquisitions and Mergers
- Customs Law of the European Union
- European Environmental Law
- EC Merger Control Reporter
Encyclopedia of International Commercial Litigation
Enforcement of Foreign Judgments
- European Air Law
- European Direct Taxation
- European Environmental Law
- Global Patent Litigation
- Guide to EU Pharmaceutical Regulatory Law
Guide to Global Real Estate Investment Trusts
- Guide to International Transfer Pricing
- Handbook of EU VAT Legislation
- International Business Transactions
- International Encyclopaedia of Agency and Distribution Agreements
- International Licensing and Technology Transfer: Practice and the Law
- International Outsourcing Law and Practice
- International Product Law
- International Project Finance and PPPs
- International Transport Treaties
- International Trust Law and Analysis
- Investment under NAFTA
- Maritime Law Handbook
- Montreal Convention
- Permanent Establishments
- Quick Reference Guide to EU VAT Compliance
- Quick Reference to the Trade and Customs Law of China
- Software Patents Worldwide
- Structuring Foreign Investments in US Real Estate
- Worldwide Merger Notification Requirements

Soon more looseleafs online at

Kluwer Arbitration Blog - Award Winning Blog
Kluwer Arbitration Blog (KAB) is providing information and news on international arbitration. Leading experts from law firms, arbitration institutions, and academia report on the latest developments.  The result is a fresh, high-quality, and timely examination of the world of international arbitration: Now Including Investment Arbitration
KluwerArbitration Online is a fully-searchable database of the primary and secondary materials in the field of international commercial arbitration with access to full-text downloads of materials, delivered by the most exclusive and authoritative resources.
See for more information on this service.

Kluwer Competition Law Online
Kluwer Competition Law  is a fully searchable collection of competition law information. Constructed around the main topic areas of Antitrust, Mergers and State Aid, searching and browsing is simple, enabling you to obtain the information you need quickly and easily.

Within each topic area there is an overview, legislation and notices, Commission and court decisions and analytical material, explaining the reasoning behind the decisions and their implications. See for more information on this service.

For more information on subscriptions on online products, please contact Sales at Wolters Kluwer Law & Business by filling out the online subscription form.

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