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An Introduction To Law and Economics, Fourth Edition by A. Mitchell Polinsky

An Introduction To Law and Economics, Fourth Edition
by: A. Mitchell Polinsky
April 2011,  ISBN 0735584486
ISBN 13: 9780735584488
216 pp. Paperback
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Add to Shopping Cart: An Introduction To Law and Economics, Fourth Edition - 0735584486 - 9780735584488

Distinguished by brevity, lucid writing, and well-chosen examples, An Introduction to Law and Economics, now in its Fourth Edition, focuses on a set of core topics that include property, contracts, torts, criminal law, and litigation. Avoiding specialized jargon and mathematics, Polinsky teaches students how to think like an economist and understand legal issues from an economic perspective.

Clear, succinct, and authoritative, An Introduction to Law and Economics features:

  • Solid coverage of relevant economic principles
  • A normative approach that illustrates how to assess legal rules and policies in terms of economic and social goals ; ;
  • Clear explanations of concepts ;

Enhancements in the Fourth Edition include:

  • A new chapter on regulation as an alternative to liability
  • An updated bibliography
  • A new appendix with a syllabus that can be used in conjunction with the book for a course on law and economics or as a guide to further reading

Summary of Contents:

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Efficiency and Equity

Chapter 3. The Coase Theorem

Chapter 4. First Application — Nuisance Law

Chapter 5. Second Application — Breach of Contract

Chapter 6. Third Application — Automobile Accidents

Chapter 7. Risk Bearing and Insurance

Chapter 8. Fourth Application — Breach of Contract Again

Chapter 9. Fifth Application — Automobile Accidents Again

Chapter 10. Sixth Application — Law Enforcement Using Fines

Chapter 11. Seventh Application — Law Enforcement Using Imprisonment

Chapter 12. Competitive Markets

Chapter 13. Eighth Application — Pollution Control

Chapter 14. Ninth Application — Products Liability

Chapter 15. Tenth Application — Principal-Agent Liability

Chapter 16. Eleventh Application — Suit, Settlement, and Trial

Chapter 17. Twelfth Application — Regulation

Chapter 18. Efficiency and Equity Reconsidered

Chapter 19. A Summing Up

Chapter 20. Conclusion

Bibliographical Appendix

Syllabi Appendix


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