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Practice Area: Employment/Labor Law

Redundancy and the Swedish Model in an International Context
by: Gabriella Sebardt
June 2006,  ISBN 9041125035
ISBN 13: 9789041125033
600 pp. Hardcover
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Add to Shopping Cart: Redundancy and the Swedish Model in an International Context - 9041125035 - 9789041125033
This book examines a previously scantly researched example of the negotiated solutions for which the Swedish model of labour relations is well-known.

In Swedish labour law, the dominant position of the employment perspective has resulted in a focus on the creation of protection against arbitrary dismissals and the reward for long and faithful service. In contrast to other industrialised countries, there is no financial protection in situations of redundancy (e.g. a statutory right to receive redundancy payment) and, in the main, employment transition has been left to the workings of the labour market policy. These topics instead are the subject of voluntary regulation by the social partners. Beginning in the early 1970s, a unique system of collective agreements on employment security has evolved on the Swedish labour market.

This study charts this system of collective agreements by examining its normative structures and relating these to the legal framework of redundancy in Sweden (the national context). This includes an in-depth analysis of the most influential accord, showing how its very basic stipulations are given content through application. In order to allow for an evaluative analysis, this Swedish contractual model is also compared to two foreign models of regulation, namely the Japanese Employment Stabilisation Fund system and the British redundancy payment legislation, which show diametrically different approaches to redundancy management (the international context).

Gabriella Sebardt is a researcher at the Stockholm University Department of Law. In addition to a Swedish Master of Laws Degree (Juris Kandidatexamen) from the same university, she holds a Master of Science in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). This work is her doctoral thesis.

    Preface. Abbreviations. 1. Introduction. 2. The Legal Framework of Redundancy in Sweden. 3. Private Sector Employment Security Agreements. 4. The SN-PTK Agreement on Transition. 5. State Sector Employment Security Agreements. 6. Municipal Sector Employment Security Agreements. 7. Analysis of Redundancy in the Swedish Model. 8. Comparative Evaluation The Swedish Employment Security Agreements and Redundancy Regulation in Japan and England & Wales. 9. Conclusion. Summaries in Swedish and Japanese. Appendices. References. Index.

This book is a volume in a book series:
» Studies in Employment and Social Policy Set

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