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Practice Area: International Taxation

International Trust Laws and Analysis by

International Trust Laws and Analysis
Edited by: William H. Byrnes, Robert J Munro
June 2001,  ISBN 904119830X
ISBN 13: 9789041198303
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14 October 2014

Add to Shopping Cart: International Trust Laws and Analysis - 904119830X - 9789041198303
In this era of global expansion, the establishment of trusts in overseas locations is becoming an increasingly popular investment option. With a bewildering variety of offshore jurisdictions to choose from, sound advice as to the advantages and pitfalls of investing in each location is essential.

International Trust Laws and Analysis provides all the legal, tax, and estate-planning intelligence necessary for professional advisers to recommend offshore jurisdictions to their clients--as well as the tools to establish and operate trusts in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations. The full text of the trust laws of 60 countries is included with clear, concise comparison charts aimed at reducing research time. The 29 vital elements of each jurisdiction's laws are analyzed in detail.

This major reference work is a one-stop guide to the formation of offshore trusts. The work is kept up-to-date by regular supplements, which track the key changes and developments in foreign trust laws and practices.

Professional consultants involved in trust establishment, including bankers, independent lawyers or in-house counsel, tax consultants, accountants, public relations advisers, and actuaries, will find International Trust Laws and Analysis an invaluable, efficient, and reliable source of practical reference and information.

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    How to create a trust
    Registration forms when required
    Foreign Trust Law
    Comparison Chart
    Glossary of Terms
    Full Text and Explanation of Foreign Trust Laws: Andorra. Anguilla. Antigua and Barbuda. Aruba. Australia. Austria. Bahamas. Barbados. Belize. Bermuda. British Virgin Islands. Brunei. Cayman Islands. Cook Islands. Costa Rica. Cyprus. Gibraltar. Grenada. Guernsey.
    Hague Convention on Trusts (includes Netherlands, Portugal, Italy, France, Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg, etc.). Hong Kong. Ireland. Isle of Man. Jersey. Labuan. Liechtenstein. Madeira. Malaysia. Malta. Marshall Islands. Mauritius. Monaco. Montserrat. Nauru. Netherlands Antilles. Nevis. New Zealand. Niue. Panama. Prince Edward Island. Russia. St Kitts. St Lucia. St Vincent. Samoa. Seychelles. Singapore. Switzerland. Turks and Caicos. United Kingdom. United States (Alaska, California, Colorado, Delaware, Montana, Nevada, New York, Rhode Island). Vanuatu.

    Point-by-point analysis covering the 29 vital elements of each country's law:
    Legislative Background
    Exempt Tax Status
    Minimum Assets
    Residency Requirement
    Revocable or Irrevocable
    Void or Voidable
    Settlor as Beneficiary
    Perpetuity Period
    Wait and See Provision
    Trustees and Trustee Companies
    Confidentiality Rules
    Financial Disclosure
    Government and Private Fees
    Exchange Control
    Tax Treaties
    Asset Protection
    Fraudulent Dispositions
    Time Limit to Bring Suit
    Foreign Court Awards
    Forced Heirship
    Other Types of Trusts
    Government Control

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International Trust Laws & Analysis Online
William H. Byrnes, Robert J Munro
October 2009, ISBN/ISSN 9888002153,
Online Subscription
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